Watch Dogs £15.95 on PC at CD Keys

Dealspwn writes: Head over to's Facebook page (link above) and give them a 'like' to get a unique 5% discount code. You can unlike and like again if you've done this before. For the length of Watch Dogs' story, the unique hacking opportunities will keep you hooked, as there’s nothing else quite like it out there. But outside of the hacking, police chases go on too long, side-missions feel repetitive, the audio diaries or home hacks aren’t that interesting and never try to form a bigger picture of the story a la Assassin’s Creed’s extras. It’s a shame, as the game undoubtedly breaks new ground with the hacking opportunities both behind the wheel or when sneaking around on foot. Much like the first Assassin’s Creed, the game has struggled with its own hype, but as history shows, Ubisoft are more than capable of turning this into an essential series if they can make the world and the gameplay around the hacking more interesting too.

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Revvin1632d ago

Cool, I was on the fence about this game but for £15 it's worth a punt