Retron 5 Event Console Wars Book Event At Video Games NY

So this weekend Kuma visited his favorite game store in NYC, Video Games NY and there was an event for the Retron 5 game console. The extra bonus was Blake J Harris, the author of "Console Wars" history of the video games console wars that many of us were a part of or still in it. It was a lot of fun and here is what Kuma thought of the whole event. However what was your console war memory or if you are still involved, which side are you on?

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nerdman671581d ago

I bought a Retron 5, and while the whole thing is really cool, they are very poorly made. They feel cheap and flimsy.
I have to hold the thing down and pull REALLY hard to get games out of it

ABizzel11581d ago

I thought about it, but the problem is I have most of these emulators running on my phone already, and with a MOGA I'm set.

Good concept, though.

SavageKuma1581d ago

This is pretty much for those that like that old feeling. Especially when systems have a hard time lasting long. Thanks for stopping by.

SavageKuma1581d ago

It does feel cheaply made, but the results are still nostalgic.