Why some fans are battling with Notch over Minecraft changes

"Around the world, millions of people enjoy playing Minecraft, one of the most successful video games of all time.
But an argument has broken out between Mojang, the maker of Minecraft, and the many companies and people which host Minecraft multiplayer servers, and who charge for their services, which include creating game-worlds and play modes based on the game, as well as the sale of in-game items and currency."

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WackoDaSniper1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

This is ridiculous. Companies such as Nintendo Microsoft and Sony don't allow pay to play and they don't get hate. Stop picking on mojang. You make money off minecraft? Really? Go get a job kids.

randomass1711631d ago

Reminds me of Halo on PC back in the day. I once joined a pretty laggy game where some guy was trying to find women to join his personal server. It was actually rather funny. On topic, I can see why this upsets people, but it's Mojang's game and they're free to do whatever they want with it.

AgentSmithPS41631d ago

These 'fans' need to take it down a notch and go make some bad f2p games if they want to rip people off.

LordMaim1631d ago

It isn't a change. The EULA has been very clear from the beginning, and they just scrolled to the bottom and clicked accept without reading it.

elhebbo161631d ago

But its notches fault for not allowing my greedy self to abuse the server and make little kids pay hundreds of dollars! </sarcasm>

Kivespussi1631d ago

It's their game, and like it has been said, they aren't following the rules they agreed on. Notch was nice for letting them do it this long, most companies would've stepped in a long time ago.

Priestwithgun1631d ago

The title is really misleading,fans are happy,server hosts are not

Takwin1631d ago

This will not affect sales nor happiness of Minecraft players.

I teach elementary school and we did a lesson for surveys, rations, and charts, and I of course used video games. There were XBox and PS fanboys and girls, but evenly split. 40/51 had a Wii, more than those two together. 55/51 had a 3DS (some people had more than one).

Everyone played Minecraft. I had no idea the 3DS and Minecraft were so popular. All of them will continue unabated due to these changes.

People that were making money off the game but did not develop it - they won't be happy. Who cares.