Ubisoft: No Foreseeable Plans for Rocksmith 2015

With Ubisofts answer to Guitar Hero and Rock Band strumming the right notes with the community, the publishers that brought you Assassin’s Creed have mentioned that Rocksmith 2015 is not their main priority right now.

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MrSwankSinatra1581d ago

Honestly the money train has left for these type of games. I wouldn't be surprised if we don't see anymore rocksmith.

ArchangelMike1581d ago

Rocksmith is awesome. It's misunderstood, it is the best music/guitar game ever, simply because you learn how to play a real instrument.

It's the fact the the music companies want more royalties, and it's just not viable to continue updating the library as the music companies will continue to want more and more royalties. That's why there's not Jimmy Hendrix or Metallica DLC, just to use two examples.

Muzikguy1581d ago


I completely agree! I've actually been a little disgusted with Ubisoft lately then I got this game and was amazed. I've been wanting something like this for 15 years or more (because Guitar Hero should've been like this game IMO)

RexDD1581d ago

I actually really liked Rocksmith.. Oh well what people want these days are FPS and Open World games so it's understandable.

XiSasukeUchiha1581d ago

That money train already got derailed!

Muzikguy1581d ago

If Ubisoft was smart they wouldn't EVER release a new installment of the game. I say this because of what happened to Guitar Hero and Rock Band. If they ever think of milking this game they will flop so hard! On a lighter note, I absolutely love this game! Some of the DLC packs are just amazing! I'm eager to get the Godsmack one when I get paid!! "Love, Hate, Sex, Pain" is a great song. It seems like I've bought almost every pack. If I had more time to play it I know I'd love it even more. My only beef with the game.... I really want to see a PS4 version. Like, yesterday. I keep my PS3 around just for it. If I had a PS4 version I could pack away the old system.

Also, the cash cow that was Guitar Hero and Rock Band was crazy! I can't believe I bought into it (with 4 of the games). I ended up selling all my GH games years ago and just recently threw out that cheap azz guitar. Then I met my fiancée who loves the games so I bought every single one for the PS3. Now I'm having a heck of a time trying to get a 2nd guitar lol

lonelyplayer1581d ago

Hmmm I was waiting for the ps4 version

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