Could Crossovers into Hyrule Work?

ZI writes: " As we have all seen and know, crossovers can either be a boon or a disaster to any series. The Legend of Zelda is no stranger to this. From cameos in games, like Soul Calibur II, to extra content, like in Sonic: Lost World, our beloved series has been represented in all its glory. It's clear that occurrences such as these are simply a homage paid to the world of Hyrule and its characters, and it's an excellent way to cross-promote or add a little more hype to a particular series. It works, because it's never actually serious. However, would this dynamic work in The Legend of Zelda itself?"

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thehobbyist2596d ago

Well it's already happened and I don't see anyone declaring that it's ruined the franchise.
It's already happened in Sonic Lost World. Now it'll be Hyrule Warriors and Bayonetta. It's already here and it's already working so I guess the answer is:
It's already working