Is Ganondorf the Villain You Want to Keep Fighting?

Ganondorf is a villain who is synonymous with the Zelda franchise, and for that reason alone, it’s really no surprise he’s been the antagonist in so many games in the series. And you know what? He works perfectly for the role; he’s evil, he’s menacing, and he’s the wielder of the Triforce of Power. That’s pretty much what we’ve all come to expect of him! But how long can his antagonism towards Link last?

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Geobros2595d ago

I like fighting Ganondorf. The final battles on Ocarina and ALTTP were my favorites.

Spooney3232595d ago

Ganon is great to fight in the end but some cool mini bosses before him is great!

Redrum0592595d ago

how about majora?

his mask alone was an interesting adversary

colonel1792595d ago

Ganondorf in Ocarina of Time was epic for the time.

It doesn't matter who the villain is as long as the story makes sense and it's good.

lilbroRx2594d ago

You don't fight "Ganadorf" in A Link to the Past. You fight Ganon. Ganondorf's first appearance is Ocarina of Time.

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deafdani2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

Yeah, Ganondorf is a nice villain, but I honestly found Demise to be much more interesting (I mean, just look at him, he's kickass!).

And I was actually annoyed when I found out that Zant had only been Ganondorf's pawn all along at the end of Twilight Princess. I mean, yes, the final fight against Ganondorf / Ganon in that game was spectacular, yes... but it also diminished Zant's importance in the story, who had been a superb villain on the whole game until the very end. When Ganondorf appeared, all of that was brushed aside, and it was a disservice to an awesome baddie, in my opinion. :(

I think you could argue that something similar happened to Girahim in Skyward Sword... but it was clear as day from the beginning of the game that Girahim was always a servant trying to free his master, so it was to be expected. Besides, Girahim wasn't anywhere near as cool as Zant in my opinion... and Demise is much more badass than Ganondorf, on top of that. :P

randomass1712595d ago

Demise was straight up scary. That dude is one of the most intimidating mothers I've ever seen. Girahim was funny. He was such a flamboyant creep that you loved to hate him. I hope Nintendo creates a new tradition where they keep bringing in new villains instead of just using Ganondorf or servants for him.

wonderfulmonkeyman2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

Spoiler alert for those that haven't finished skyward sword...

Demise IS Ganondorf.
His original form, a demonic being which existed long before a hero arose to challenge him, at the very beginning of the endless cycle of reincarnation, who curses the bloodline of The Hero of Legend, so that his descendents and Ganondorf shall forever be in conflict.

Demise is, quite literally, the origin story of the demon boar we came to know in the first Legend of Zelda, and who was finally given more character, as the Greudo King, in Ocarina of Time.

randomass1712595d ago

Yes and no. He's as much Ganondorf as Zelda is Hylia. They're not quite the same person as Zelda is not an immortal and omnipotent goddess. It's implied that Demise is far more destructive than Ganondorf who at the end of the day is just a man. Demise is a god, or perhaps some sort of demon. Much more powerful than Ganondorf ever was without becoming Ganon.

deafdani2595d ago

Pretty much what Randomass said. Ganondorf isn't actually Demise himself, but he sort of encompass Demise's spirit, just as Zelda has Hylia's spirit. But they aren't those deities themselves.

Metallox2595d ago

Isn't Demise trapped in the Master Sword?

lilbroRx2594d ago

Ugh, I really hate shoehorned timeline and genericness that Demise instilled upon The Legend of Zelda.

Now the series has been reduced to a single repeating plot of appease over-analyzing, obsessive fanboys who read to far into things.

The creation of Demise in skyward sword plus the timeline pretty much preempted the entirety of the Legend of Zelda series into endless repetition which makes the series boring to me now. It gives nothing to look forward to because you know what the plot is going to be about now as opposed to how it was originally under Miyamoto where every game was something entirely different revolving around Link.(Link's Awakening, Link to the Past, Oracle of Seaons, etc)

Though I'll stop here before I get bubbled down into oblivion for not liking the needless retconing done by the Zelda timeline.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2595d ago

I would love if they revisited the mechanics of the 1st Zelda-Ganon Battle:

You facing a Massive but Invisible Ganon that is teleporting and blowing fireball from all around you in a room.

The only way you can spot him is by moving the 2nd Screen around the room to reveal his location.
Then you fire off a Silver Arrow...

Maybe they have already done it.


Having the same villain does not mean that there can't be tons of twist and turns along the way.

And It does not mean that there can't be an even more powerful 2nd in Command.

After Demises' many reveals and forms in SS- It has been shown that future Ganon Battles can go anywhere.

Chrischi19882595d ago

I love the Zelda games where Gsnon is in it. I have always the feeling something is missing, if Ganon is not there. But look, some Zelda dont reveal, until almost the end, that the real evil is Ganon, like in Twilight Princess.

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