Witcher 3 design documents leak endings, concept art, and beastiary

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt's design documents are out in the wild.


Please avoid posting any of the leaked endings info or other details here. Leave it up to n4g users to click on the article and see those spoilers. - coolbeans

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F4sterTh4nFTL2204d ago

Please don't change the endings because of this and force us to choose between 3 colors.

ArchangelMike2204d ago (Edited 2204d ago )

I hope CD project Red are not too affected by the leak. They are doing their best to keep the game DRM free and then this type of $hit happens.

Why people do this I will never underastand. Why leak the end of the game, what does that achieve for anybody, it ruins it for yourself, for the gamers expecting the game, and for the devs.

I swear some people need to be put down!

elhebbo162204d ago

If some people want to spoil it for themselves, they can go right ahead. CDPR doesn't have to do anything, if people ruin the ending for themselves its there fault.

nicksetzer12204d ago

Totally not looking at this, who would want to ruin the game before it is even out?

Evilsnuggle2204d ago

We are all blessed gamers to a developer a like CD Project Red.

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Rearden2204d ago

Damn, that's gotta suck for the developer. Hopefully it won't result in a delay.

kingeliran2204d ago

i see no point of reading it since i want to enjoy the game not ruin it

True_Samurai2204d ago

I'm not gonna read this but didn't they say witcher 3 will have 36 endings not unless the doc leaks the true endings

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