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Everything about WildStar was made with care, and an urge to break typical MMORPG conventions. In the sea of serious and gritty stories and environments, WildStar comes out with a funny, colorful story and world featuring cartoonish characters and ridiculous circumstances. Where most MMOs offers typical mechanical rotations for spells and attacks WildStar makes everything an AoE and makes fights chaotic and flowing. It reads off as a game that set out to betray and be the opposite of every MMORPG that has come out in the past decade and succeeds.

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Xristo2589d ago

Consistently high reviews! Hats off to Carbine on an awesome MMO!

Soulscare2589d ago

I've been max level for about 2 weeks now, its an awesome game but ruined by the countless bugs... Most of these bugs are not game breaking though, but then there are times when the game is plagued by awful lag, so much so that it is unplayable. So really, its a great game that just needs a little more polishing.