Capcom Announces 15 New Games Will Be Coming To The 3DS and Wii U eShop

Nintendo247 - Capcom has just announced via Instagram that 15 new eShop games will be coming to the 3DS and Wii U. Which games are you guys interested in picking up?

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illmatic2597d ago

Yeah, that is going to be awesome on the Wii U!

sinspirit2596d ago

Too bad they are making a sequel that is a mobile spin-off :\

The game goes downhill if you let it.. and they let it.

Ratty2596d ago

Actually it feels like they tried really hard to make it go downhill. VI looks very generic. BoF has always been anything but. Until now.

zero_gamer2596d ago

"Downhill" that pretty much explains almost any major franchise. It's the future of gaming. The core fans have lost a lot of relevance for the sake of a company's short term gain.

B_Real2596d ago

I would love to see them release a new breath of Fire as an arcade title and pay homage to the first to Breath of Fire games and all their old school glory.

DryBoneKoopa852597d ago

Breath of Fire- Mine!
Demons Crest- Mine!
Gargoyle Quest 2- Mine!
Mega Man 5,6,7 and X3- All Mine!!!

Might get Mighty Final Fight. Not sure yet... screw it... Mine! lol

Capcom is bring out some Awesome/Rare games for the virtual console. Virtual Console is starting to have some very compelling titles (IMO).

wonderfulmonkeyman2596d ago

Oooooooo, I hope this is Capcom's way of hinting to Nintendo; I REALLY hope Nintendo takes that hint, if so...

MegaRay2596d ago

Heck I wouldn't mind Activition buying capcom... cmon any company take that chance... except you EA of course

wonderfulmonkeyman2596d ago

No, not Activision.
We'd never see a well-done port of any Capcom franchise if Activision tried to do one for Wii U.
There'd almost always be some content missing, and I'm sick and tired of bad third party ports.

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The story is too old to be commented.