Fact sheets for Nintendo’s E3 2014 games (lots of details)

Check out some fact sheets for a bunch of Nintendo games that provide a lot of information.

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DryBoneKoopa851579d ago

Some really intresting tid bits of information in these fact sheets. Nintendo from September on has a ton of new exclusive titles coming out.

Side note: Nintendo is being very tight lipped about information for the new Legend Of Zelda Wii U. I have a strange feeling Gameinformer is going to do a HUGE blow out on information for Zelda U.

wonderfulmonkeyman1579d ago

When they'll do it, is the question.
I'm hoping we won't have to wait till E3 of next year!

Kevlar0091579d ago

Aonuma said there was going to be a working demo at next E3, so probably a fall/winter release 2015 unless it gets delayed