The creepiest Pokémon theories (that actually make a lot of sense)

Pokémon can be a game of wonder - as long as you don't look too closely into the back story.

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BattleN1669d ago

Pokemon is not for kids!!!

IcicleTrepan1669d ago

Check YouTube for 'Scientifically Accurate Pokemon'

SpiralTear1669d ago

I think the "Ditto are failed clones of Mew" theory is pretty neat.

Summons751669d ago

Pretty sure that's actually true. I mean all the evidence in the game alone points to it being true.

LAWSON721669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

My biggest problem with X and Y and all the other games beside the first 2 is that the legends and theories are not near as creative as the ones found in the first 2 gens of Pokemon. New Pokemon games are great and all with its huge array of options for battling and team building but the lore and epic world kind of lost its magic. Perhaps it is because I am no kid anymore, but still if you ask me the original Pokemon world was just epic and if I may say a masterpiece

hardeepmeghera1669d ago

Agreed. Nothing comes close to the first generation of pokemon. Thou, pokemon black and white 2 seemed to have the best storyline of all IMO. Felt as if they took their time with the creation of the story. Really well thought out.

LAWSON721669d ago

Sadly that is the only DS Pokemon I missed. I will probably play it after I get through all of X and Y

thepatientgamer1669d ago

Definitely would love seeing a more expanded lore. Much like how you would enter into empty buildings and find torn journal entries, history, etc. For a 3d pokemon, audiologs would be sick.