Chinese state TV cuts footage from ‘Free To Play’, makes it look like it isn't about Dota 2

Games in Asia: "Oh, CCTV! Just when we thought you were finally starting to get eSports and treat games with respect, you’ve got to go and do something like this.

CCTV5, one of China’s state run media networks, has caused a stir in China’s Dota 2 scene after the network ran a documentary program about eSports. All told, it’s a more friendly portrayal of the sport than anyone might have expected a few years ago, but weirdly, the show takes multiple clips from Valve’s Free to Play documentary, often re-cutting them into contexts that make it suggest the clips are about other games rather than Dota 2."

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Bdxxacjkfs2588d ago

For be a Communist place...there is a lot of religions there. Where is the Socialism(Liberty, Equality and Fraternity) then, China?