Far Cry 4: 7 Things We Don't Want

Outside Xbox: "Since the announcement of Far Cry 4, we've been pondering how Ubisoft can improve on Far Cry 3, one of our favourite games of 2012. It turns out there are seven things the developers need to nix for Far Cry 4. Why is it always seven?"

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will3132595d ago know some people may actually like the multiplayer in this game. It's not like it's a tacked on feature,what with a full suite of creation tools and unlock systems. It's been there since the original game.

gigoran2595d ago

We? As long as you mean "we" as in "you and the rest of the people involved in your... Whatever you want to call it". Cause I don't share your belief. A lot of people don't share it. So don't say we like you represent the world.