The Crew - Takedowns, Team Racing and Misuse of a National Park

Ubiblog: Somewhere near Yosemite, my crew is closing in on its target. I don’t know who this guy is or what he’s done, but someone wants him wrecked, and now he’s got a pack of three steel wolves closing in on him. He’s fast and surprisingly agile on the rough off-road terrain, but my buddies and I can match him, thanks to the hefty, shock-absorbent Raid chassis we’ve customized our rides with."

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uth111579d ago

No comments? Clearly "The Crew" doesn't have enough controversy then

Why is the protagonist not a woman or minority?

I hear you can't engage in gay marriage in the crew, why is this?!? Boycott!

Is this really only going to be 792p on the Xbox?

Look at how much those visuals have been downgraded from the reveal trailer.

That should do it...

Destrania1578d ago

It probably will be 792p on the X1 haha jk... or?...

For me, Driveclub is my most anticipated racing game this year no doubt, though The Crew looks interesting for sure.

uth111578d ago

I'm more interested in the Crew at the moment, I like the open world aspect.

But I have a feeling I'll end up with both the Crew and Drive Club ;)

sniperflash1579d ago

Looking forward to this game

D3ATH_DRIV3R_7771578d ago

TBH, although i'm liking this game, but looking at it, it's not that interesting. it looks pretty deserted! hardly no pedestrians walking around cities, hardly no traffic civilians either. Also, american highways are not complete if there aren't any big semi-trucks on the road. Midnight club LA has semi-trucks, why don't this
game has it? IMO this game needs to be bumped up some. Midnight club LA is more alive than this. :/