FIFA 15 Rumours: Find out how FIFA 15 will be

Legends will be available to Playstation gamers ? Women's Leagues will be included in FIFA 15 ? European Champions League is back to FIFA ? Find here the answer to these and other questions.

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ahmedghoula1582d ago

It will be the same as FIFA 14...

They might as well make it a DLC.

ZodTheRipper1582d ago

No it will be FIFA 14 + ultra realistic ball physics that will give you a whole new soccer 'experience' where you can 'feel' the game!

Seriously if there's one franchise I hate with true passion, it's FIFA... even though I love the sport itself with true passion. The thing with FIFA is that the game still has so many unbelieveable bugs and errors after over 10 years even though it's making a sh*tload of money every year. Where is this money going? Certainly not into better game development. The next FIFA I might be interested in is a next-gen only entry... until then I won't even touch this game with a stick.

cfc831582d ago

Servers arent good enough for me to buy this game every year. Really like fifa 14 all the same. Will be interesting to see what the new dev combo are doing with pes. We will find out soon enough.

ZodTheRipper1582d ago

My hopes lie in PES15 as well. PES13 was a masterpiece, PES14 was just 'meh'... but they had the excuse of using FOX engine for the first time.

This year they're releasing on nextgen as well so my expectations are pretty high. The gameplay reveal should be in just a few days and I can't wait to see it.

cfc831582d ago

Only pes ive played in recent years are demos, and i didnt enjoy any of them. I wonder if pes 5 or 6 could appear on ps now next year ?

Wh15ky1582d ago

I liked pes13 too, but it was far too easy.

I liked some of what they tried to do with pes14 to make it harder- better defensive ai, harder to pull off the perfect through ball, ability to control shot direction etc. But it felt unfinished.

Hopefully pes15 will be an improvement.