Sniper Elite III on PS4: Check Out the First 15 Minutes of Direct Feed 1080p Gameplay

If you’re curious about how Sniper Elite III looks on PS4, here are the first fifteen minutes of the title’s gameplay recorded directly from the console in shiny 1080p.

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TheDude791580d ago

I'm so fricking excited for this game to drop! Sniper Elite V2 was really underrated. None of that weak ass quick scoping as you have to take bullet drop and wind into consideration. The online matches were slow and it was intense looking down your scope, knowing someone could already have the drop on you. That "No Cross" game mode is where it's at!

Zizi1580d ago

Don't like it. I bet, after some time, the shot animation will seem repetitive and boring.

Abriael1580d ago

Yeah that's my complaint as well. I'm hoping it can be deactivated.

AgentSmithPS41580d ago

It would be lame if they didn't let you turn it off, it's a simple thing to 'fix' (I probably wouldn't turn it off unless it actually got old). Not everybody likes the same things but it's kinda strange that you got so many disagrees.

More options are better than less options as long as they're reasonable.

Tempest3171580d ago

Honestly imo it never gets boring...I put 40-50 hours in v2 and I had the animation frequency turned all the way up (idr if you can turn them off totally, but you can adjust frequency) every single time I would watch the bullets fly, never got old. The sheer diversity of the animations is wjat made it...watching bones shatter, the slugs disintegrate, dick shots, heart/lung shots, head shots all with separate x ray animations kept it fun trying to hit different critical areas

Jughead34161580d ago

The game does look good, but I would rather not have the slow motion kills. Seems like after seeing it 30 times or so, it will get a little irritating. But I think that's knit picking a great looking game. Looking forward to seeing more.

PsylentKiller1580d ago

I loved V2. Hitting the grenades on their belt was my favorite. the testicle shots were hard to get but satisfying when you did. I didn't play the multiplayer much. I spent most my time replaying sections of the game to see how cleanly I could get through them.

theXtReMe11580d ago

Looks pretty cool. I have this game on my gamefly list to rent. I don't know that it's worth a buy, but it looks like it'll be a lot of fun as a weekend rental.

stavrami-mk21580d ago

Good gameplay. Crap player

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The story is too old to be commented.