​E3 2014: Hyrule Warriors Impressions: A Different Breed of Zelda | Zelda Informer

ZI writes: "Hyrule Warriors is an interesting hybrid of action gaming, and developer Tecmo Koei must walk a fine line when adapting its classic gameplay formula for one of the most iconic and, dare I say it, legendary gaming series around. From what I experienced on the E3 show floor, Hyrule Warriors will probably be the best Dynasty Warriors game to hit the market, but is that enough to warrant a purchase?"

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Spooney3231607d ago

This game should hold me over until zelda U releases. Lets hope they add some decent dlc until then.

Sly-Lupin1607d ago

It may be a different breed of Zelda, but its the same breed of Musou as ever. Of all the things about the game that are too much to hope for, good DLC finds itself easily in third place, just behind "consistent framerate with no pop-in" and "a coherent narrative."

In terms of game content and fun, you should be able to wring a good 40-75 hours out of it, though. Still, Zelda WiiU is a long, long, long ways off.