Why Final Fantasy X-2 is the Majora’s Mask of the Series

While Legend of Zelda fans find themselves rallying for a Majora’s Mask remake on the Nintendo 3DS, Final Fantasy fans have spent the last several months enjoying the Final Fantasy X | X-2 remake on PlayStation 3.

At first glance there seems to be little mutual ground between the 2003 Japanese-role-playing-game Final Fantasy X-2 and the 2000 Legend of Zelda action-adventure title, Majora’s Mask, but the two are fundamentally two peas from the same pod.

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NukaCola1584d ago

FFX-2 is the product of a fused and broken company. RIP Squaresoft.

Muzikguy1583d ago

Squeenix.... Why is it so hard to get back to the glory days of the PS1 era?! So many good RPGs back then! I miss Squaresoft

DxTrixterz1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

Am I the only one who actually likes FF X-2? I mean sure what they did with whole Yuna character change was bit off but dressphere system was awesome. I'd say it was pretty much last great FF game released everything after that was just dissapointing. Hopefully FF XV will bring FF back to it's former glory (which seems to be already happening seeing FF XIV ARR).

DA_SHREDDER1584d ago

ff14 ARR is a great game, it only took square almost all of last gen to make a decent FF. Too bad its got monthly fees, i already bought the game on the ps4, and payed a month, and still not even level 20 yet cause i dont have the time really, i wish there werent' monthly fees or I would consider playing again/

Celeras1583d ago

You lose the ability to have your opinion matter when you say FF14 ARR is a great game.

People generally don't like FFX-2 because the story was meh. I would think that is the main draw to final fantasy games, so even though dresspheres were pretty good as a battle system it doesn't really make up for it.

If I'm giving my own personal opinion.. I really liked the non-happy ending of FFX and didn't really need the storybook closure in X-2.

SoulSercher6201583d ago

I kinda liked its gameplay mechanics but it felt too much like Square's version of Charlie's Angels. It's not a game I would revisit again like FFX.

belac091583d ago

i love FF X-2, the battle system is fast paced but still strategic, its really fun, there are a few things they could have done better, but the international version has a ton of content, i love it.

Agent_hitman1583d ago

Yuna is definitely my favorite FFX character, especally in her songstress and kimono costume.

Ocsta1583d ago

I feel this game is the point where FF lost its way : /

Muzikguy1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

Ff13 is where it was IMO. They started losing sight in ffxii and just fell off the cliff after that in my eyes

Edit: I'm also thinking just in the term of actual FF releases and not counting X-2. I never count this game because I only played for a few hours and wanted to throw the game away. I couldn't believe what I was playing

Ethereal1583d ago

It did lack a certain focus although I will admit the battle system was fantastic. Anyone like FF XII? I played about 8 hours of it and some say it is the swansong of the PS2.

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The story is too old to be commented.