PlayStation Now Beta game rental prices are polarizing; Sony wants feedback

After alerting PlayStation Now beta testers of the service's new rental prices, Sony encourages feedback on the non-finalized prices.

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Majin-vegeta1578d ago

Why people thought those were prices were final.Is beyond me??There's a reason it's still a beta.Now it's time to have your voice heard.

XiSasukeUchiha1578d ago

Logical response right their Vegeta: the prince of all saiyans you proclaimed title, and your feedback is more reasonable prices:)

bouzebbal1578d ago

whatever they do i don't really like to pay for each game.
if i get this PS Now one day i want to pay a monthly fee that gives me "free" access to ALL games like Netflix.

heisenberguk1577d ago

What are you talking about? Seriously I never understand any of your comments!!

user14394141578d ago

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.

Sony will take peoples feedback and make sure everyone on the Playstation Nation is happy. It may even make some Microsoft fans very angry as well. XoXoXo

diesoft1577d ago

Once again, you took an article about something that only related to a single topic and used convoluted logic to make an attack on something else. You can enjoy whatever system you want but why do you feel the need to draw a line in the sand and attack anyone who doesn't believe what you do?

You tend to standout to me whenever I see articles because of how fanboyishly silly your words are. Down to one bubble now, huh? That's pretty telling isn't it.

liquidhalos1577d ago

put your hugs and kisses away you disgusting little troll.

XisThatKid1578d ago

"CLOSED" BETA at that...

thehitman1578d ago

I am in the beta but some games should obviously follow different prices. If a game normally costs $15.00 it should be a little cheaper to rent.

Conzul1578d ago

Me too and I can already tell that I'll never use the service unless there's a blanket subscription rate.

And my max would be 20/mo$
Otherwise fail.

2cents1578d ago

Or... Sony could just have made far more reasonable prices to start with. There is no one who would agree that this pricing structure is fair.

what were they thinking, quick cash grab before they concede to user feedback... Every feedback being "ITS TOO BLOODY EXPENSIVE!".
anyone who tries to defend this is either rich, stupid or both.

Deadpoolio1577d ago

What do the geniuses find hard to grasp about the publisher/developers setting the prices...I'm tired of hearing Sony, Sony, Sony when they have literally ZERO input at the games pricing on PSN or PlayStation Now

DashArrivals1577d ago

IT MAKES SENSE, like in negotiations, to start the prices high in the beta. Obviously they know they're a bit ridiculous. But if you start high, then the feedback can all be taken into account, from the lowest to highest, people are willing to pay. They would get a whole range of valuable information and data that covers the whole spectrum of the service. You are silly if you can't see this.
As always, don't judge things in the beta stage, judge the FINAL PRODUCT. They could also have a survey as well with a whole wide range of different pricing structures. You're silly if you think Sony will allow a service to go to the entire public with a pricing structure that that majority of people aren't happy with. It would be suicide.

assassin2k1577d ago

@DashArrivals I agree. If they start too cheap imagine the outcry when they put the price up! Start as high as possible and decrease until the feedback concensus is that the service is good value. Then everyone ends up happy. Starting low would shoot themselves in the foot. No one ever released a console or service then realised it was so popular that they doubled the price...

ShadowKingx1578d ago

to be honest, idk how there going to get any feedback with prices in place, yes they will get some but not enough to justify anything. i know once i heard prices were place and saw the prices, until they announce subscriptions im not interested in PS Now right now.

AgentSmithPS41577d ago

It shouldn't be surprising if they're trying to make more money, I just hope that more people work together until we all benefit in a way that's fair for everyone.

Back-to-Back1577d ago

IMO all I want is $1.99 for a 1 day rental. Many games releases can be beat easily in 1 day.

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SuperBlunt1578d ago

Highest price i saw was 30 bucks for three months. If you do that with day 1 titles i think it would be a decent deal

liquidhalos1577d ago

Excuse me if i have this wrong. On Ps Now some games were being sold for 30 bucks for 3 months? Thats a rip off. I could go out and buy the latest PS4 game for £59, finish it after a week or 2 and sell it on facebook for an easy £40-45. Ill be waiting for a fair sub model instead

toddybad1577d ago

Are you meaning new PS4 games by day 1 titles?
I don;t understand how renting one S3 game could cost well into double figures for 3 months when i could buy the game for less?
Do what Netflix do - low cost subscription which when ultiplied by high subscription numbers provides your profit - £10 per month to rent anything and I'm in. I would assume nothing closer than one year old would get on the service so there's no new games for that price.

assassin2k1577d ago

£10 a month would be great. £15 would be acceptable but £20 or more and I'd seriously consider not bothering.

iamnsuperman1578d ago

They need to change them because they are awful and will stunt the potential growth of the service. They need a reasonably priced subscription model. I can see why they are expensive (if the developers and publishers are putting a say in it) but Sony needs to think about this. The investment will be a waste with these kind of prices (especially since this could do so well on TVs and phones but that market needs cheaper games)

XxExacutionerxX1578d ago

The prices should be

Free: 1 hour rental

$2.99: 3 day rental

$7.99: 14 day rental

$14.99: 3 month rental

iamnsuperman1578d ago (Edited 1578d ago )

$15 for a 3 month rental is insane and unrealistic. After 3 months a lot of gamers move on so there isn't much incentive there for both Sony (business wise) and the publishers (for putting the content there). I think 7.99 for a week is still too cheap to work properly.

They need
2/3 subscription based models (5,10,15 per month and it gives access to more games at once as you go up)
Free: 30 minutes
$2.99 for a 3 day deal
$15 for a week
No three month rentals
*These prices vary based on age and popularity of the game

Evil Rant Monkey1578d ago

2.99 for 3 days & 15 for 7 days?
...erm... that price point doesn't make much sense to me...

iamnsuperman1578d ago

Sorry I mean per day. Sony needs people to buy the longer periods and not short burst

BitbyDeath1578d ago (Edited 1578d ago )

Don't think they should offer anything for free as that is bound to get abused.

1 hour - $2
3 hours - $4
1 day - $10
1 week - $15

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1578d ago

Are all of you guys crazy? Why would anyone pay $15 for a 1 week rental? $5 maybe. But $15? I might as well buy most games at that point.

ShadowKingx1578d ago (Edited 1578d ago )

i think if they really want to act like a rental service they to steal a page from blockbusters book on pricing. (yes i know blockbuster went bankrupt but there pricing on games were not that bad)
1.99 = 1 day
3.99 = 3 days
7.99 = 5 days = this was blockbuster price for renting games for 5 days the top two i just went off this price.

and for subscriptions = 14.99 month for non ps plus members
and maybe 12.99 for ps plus saving a few dollars or something of that nature.

i dont see myself spending anymore than this or i might as well look into buying at gamestop, ebay, amazon. etc brand new or getting a used copy. if they brought some major ps1 and ps2 games, then yes i can justify pay a few more dollars for it, but for games on ps3 or as much as they cost, then no.

THC CELL1577d ago

Aye look where blockbuster ended up hahaha, good pricing tho lad I'd pay that

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eferreira1578d ago

Your close but a perfect world would be

Free: 1 hour rental

$2.99: 3 day rental

$7.99: 14 day rental

$14.99: 3 month rental

$10.00: unlimited monthly subscription on a yearly plan.

Mastadope421578d ago (Edited 1578d ago )

Wow can't believe you got disagreed with. Although you should probably explain a little more clearly that 14 to 10 dollar thing. I get it though.

KinjoTakemura1577d ago

1.99 - 1 day
4.99 - 3 day
8.99 - 7 day
12.99 - 14 day

The highest rental rate has the best discount which will encourage more people to rent games, such as RPGs that tend to be longer at the highest rate.

DualWielding1578d ago (Edited 1578d ago )

I don't understand why would you want to stream a game if there's a native version on the system....

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1578d ago

Exactly. This isn't for people who own the ps4/ps3 per se. It's for the people that own Bravia Smart Tvs and such. PS Now is for Sony products. Not for PlayStation.

admiralvic1578d ago

I suppose the logic would be an expanded version of having a digital collection. Like the digital > physical argument was usually that you had all (that were installed) your games right at your fingertips and it took away the need to swap / keep track of discs. With streaming, it goes a level further and ultimately removes the issue of having to download / install games and removes storage space from the equation with the added benefit of playing these games on the go / with the PS4. Now, we can get into the practicality / feasibility of these things, in which disc is always the best option, though different people want different things and if this is up someones ally, then good for them.