Xbox One Manages to Top Multiple Japanese Retailers' Best Sellers Charts on its Pre-Order Debut

If you thought the Xbox One would do terribly on its Japanese debut, there are signals that this might not be the case. Yesterday morning the console was made available for pre-order on several Japanese retailers, and it actually managed to top the charts on multiple of them.

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Blaze9291673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

lol this is going to be one interesting generation...

Microsoft needs to nab up some exclusive anime games if they know what's good lol.

Army_of_Darkness1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

I'll believe it when it's official sales lol!

Kingthrash3601673d ago

It will be an interesting gen. But this news isn't an indication of x1 success in Japan. Launch sales are always good...let's see if they will out sell the ps4 or wiiu when they launched in Japan.

Dark111673d ago

oh boy the meltdowns will be fun to watch lol.

Ballsack1673d ago

This happened with the 360 as well..

People have very short memories...

Ms have some Japan centric games just as the 360 did at launch.. And despite what some people think Ms do have some diehard fans in Japan.. I see those buying the console but it's going to be very very hard after that lets be realistic..

But kudos to Ms for trying for again no harm in that

ZodTheRipper1673d ago

This is nothing new, it's a completely new device now open for preorder. Thinking that this listing on Amazon is an indication of the success there is as delusional as it gets. It will most probably drop within that list in the next few days and weeks.

Sabo1672d ago

It's a new console, of course the pre orders will be good. 360's pre orders were really good too if I remember correctly. Japan is not Microsoft's strong area, but we will see.

AndrewLB1672d ago

You gotta love the headline "Xbox One Manages....". Had it been an article about the PS4, it would have been titled "PS4 Crushes Xbox One...".

Why not just start it off with "Xbone Fanboy Makes impossible claim that multiple ..."

choujij1672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

Lol. Would be funny if both home turfs this gen switched. I'd even pay to see that. But the truth is, anyone with even a bit of sense knows it's sales will dive off a cliff shortly after launch. The faithful fans will buy it of course, just like they did with the 360. But the rest of the country is just not interested. Anyone believing otherwise, is a wishful thinker.

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lets_go_gunners1673d ago

The are launching with two Visual Novels exclusive to the platform. Dude V/N's over japan are like gospel.

OculusRift1672d ago

I don't speak English naively, so what is "gospel" or what does it mean?

gameon19851673d ago

why the hell not? it is the only console with games that are actually worth playing.

Elit3Nick1673d ago

in your opinion... Although I somewhat agree with you, don't say it like it's fact, everyone has their preferences.

jessupj1673d ago

Normally I'd rebut your fanboy rhetoric with a carefully worded, rational argument based on facts. But you guys just keep spewing the same BS over and over no matter how many times I correct you. So instead I will just say this...

mmmm... dem salty tears

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AndrewLB1672d ago Show
choujij1672d ago

Yeah, the same games that are already on PC or making their way to as we speak (like DR3).

Truth is, the PC, Wii-U & PS4 all have more games and actual exclusives to play at present.

Sabo1672d ago


Honestly, the wording is completely reasonable given the huge struggles the Xbox brand has in Japan. I don't think someone would have to be a fanboy, or even close to one, to think that.

I am interested to see how well the X1 can do week in and week out in Japan.

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truefan11673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

But But But, why is Microsoft wasting their time with Japan. 4 of the top 5 are XB1, and I understand it is probably the daily charts, but the fact still remains, XB1 shot up and is getting some preorders. This might be the gen XBOX finally makes headway in Japan. If they cut that 9:1 ps3:360 ratio to 3:1 that is a drastic improvement for one console generation. Now they just have to keep releasing diverse software like Scalebound and Phantom Dust, mixed in with smaller titles and sequels to Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey.

PS don't even try to discredit Amazon now, because ps4 fans have been quick to act like Amazon is the end all be all when it supports their case. A direct comparison

@Kingthrash I'm starting to think certain fans don't even read. I said cutting down being outsold 9:1 to still being outsold, only this time 3:1, Where did I say XB1 would outsell ps4.

Kingthrash3601673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

Lol just wait bro. Don't set yourself up to look dumb. Systems launch are always good. This hasn't even happened yet and you aalready rubbing your belly lol. Ps4 will outsell x1 in Japan. Period. It's just how it is. Nobody is buying games out in Japan at the moment because of the recent tax hike they have suffered. Yes x1 will make top list at launch..but that's only natural. Let's see how long it will be on the list though....if it lasts....rub your belly. If not the retreat once again to your cave. If you think it will sell more than ps4 when it launched in Japan, you will have a long day.

avengers19781673d ago

I'll just say one thing about this... Currently in Japan for a home console to top the best sellers list it only really needs around 30,000 units so if XB1 sells say 78,000 units on its launch that's over 200,000 less than PS4. Everyone should wait to see what the sales numbers are, because being #1 for a short period of time means very little, and like I said it could be at number 1 with 30,000 to 50,000 units and that's not really great.

xboxftw1673d ago


Can't reason with blind loyalist of certain company. Sad news these companies dont care about these loyalists. If they sleeping in streets with no job sony will not come and give them cheques since they were so loyal to them.

Enjoy games and your consoles jealousy will not get you anywhere.

JMyers1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

@Truefan... You have a short memory. 360 launch sales were good too. Of course it will sell with pre orders. Its the staying there that counts.

sinspirit1673d ago

That is the link to look at the top sellers in Japan.

It's a console. Of course it is going to sell a couple thousand on the first day it is on preorder.

Freedom Wars on PSVita is a brand new ip and is currently selling higher than the X1 franchise titles shortly after this article was written.

Sabo1672d ago

Microsoft needs to think about cutting Sony's US lead first honestly. MS had the US in the bag last gen and they let it slip. That is a much bigger deal than trying to get a better foot in the door in Japan, which doesn't even seem very realistic.

JasonKCK1672d ago

"ps4 fans have been quick to act like Amazon is the end all be all when it supports their case."

So true, they act as if Amazon is the only place on the planet where people buy things.

its_JEFF1672d ago

@xboxftw lol kettle, meet pot.

choujij1672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

Ah, trollfan. You say this now, but then after it's mediocre launch you'll be blaming the country for being biased.

AndrewLB1672d ago

Sinspirit- The only PS4 item on that top 20 list is WatchDogs @ #15.

Then at #41 they have the PS4 + Fifa pack.

And Battlefield Hardline @ #75

... pretty sad if you ask me.

sinspirit1672d ago


These are sales for this day.

And Watch Dogs PS4 at this point in time is #4.

In three hours from now when the clock hits midnight in Japan it will probably reset this list and then people can judge.

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Automatic791673d ago

A good solid launch plus a lineup of great games to come is what Xbox One needs in Japan. Overall congratulations to MS keep the good times rolling.

xboxftw1673d ago

Good new for MS camp however from desperate sony fanboys the tears are coming in hard. Look at the people try and spin into something negative even at the expense of putting Ps4 in the same chopper.

Azzanation1672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

Because Xbox has the best giant robot game on the market!

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corvusmd1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

Well this is far from proof that it will do well in Japan, Japan has always been rough for MS/Xbox and right now consoles in general are doing poorly in Japan. However, what is actually rather impressive about this (at this early stage) is how multiple skus are in the top 5 or 10...not JUST one, but the kinect bundles (albeit with free games)are usually on top followed by the "dis-kinect". Time will tell, but maybe X1 isn't as lost in Japan as we all thought.

@Faster ...cause it's an awesome system...even if it's not your favorite.

@abriael I get your point, but I was just using common vernacular ...I wasn't actually confused at all. (Weird, how is it that you agree with what I said, yet have 4 agrees right now and no disagrees, yet I have no agrees and a disagree? :) ).

Abriael1673d ago

I think you confuse proof with evidence. Yes. It's not evidence that it'll do well in Japan. It is, though, a good sign.

Theyellowflash301673d ago

Abriael, I think you are smart enough to know that topping some pre-order charts doesn't mean a thing. Its really not a good sign of anything.

The PS4 topped pre-order charts as well.

How is that system doing in Japan? There are fans of the Xbox brand in Japan, so of course they will rush out and pre-order the system, which leads to inflated numbers.

Overall it is what it is. Nothing more, nothing less. A good sign is when we actually see the numbers. Not some pre-order charts that reveal no hard numbers.

marlinfan101673d ago


saying it means nothing is a little bit of an exaggeration. it obviously means something. people on here were throwing up their arms saying it wouldnt sell at all making comments like "oh that'll be good for the 5 people that buy it in japan". this shows that there actually is some sort of interest contrary to what everyone was saying before

Theyellowflash301673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )


The Xbox One still will not sell well in Japan.

This means nothing. I already stated that "there are fans of the Xbox brand in Japan."

But that doesn't mean it will sell well. Yes there is some interest.... There is interest in the PS4 in Japan as well, and that system is currently selling less than the Wii U and PS3.

It will have ok launch numbers....then it will drop off a cliff.

Axios21673d ago

This IS very encouraging news for MS.

You'll have to excuse the haters, it's a bitter pill to swallow after all their X1 doom in Japan spamming.

Aceman181673d ago

Come on you damn well know this system will not sell there no matter where its sitting on some charts right now Lol.

ape0071673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

i don't know what's wrong with these hater, i mean if u say xbox one sucks this automatically and factually mean that ps4 suck as well, their basically near identical.......... LoL

tgunzz1673d ago

Very encouraging indeed! For anyone who doesn't own an xb1, I encourage all to get it. It's an awesome system period. With the feature set it has along with a awesome, and finally a true diverse line up, I think the Japanese gamers will really enjoy it, if giving it a chance...

Aceman181673d ago

I guess since it's on top of some charts there it was sell a million units in the first 24 huh?

randomass1711673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

That's... unexpected. Never thought this would happen for anything Xbox related in Japan. But I think time will tell if this is a sign of things to come or if this burst of interest in Japan is short lived. I honestly don't expect Xbox One sales to be this high in Japan for the duration of its lifetime.

Kayant1673d ago

Xbox one to streamroll Japan confirmed. /s

This means little has shown by when PS4 had the same interest which dropped very quickly and has not gotten back seen launch. It at least is a sign that there is some interest.

hello121673d ago

PS4 didn't sell too great in Japan. Its wait and see if Microsoft can do better.

Microsoft will get lot of momentum next few months in the United States. The Halo guys are gearing up now to buy an xb1.

I see Microsoft closing the gap fast.

Lawboy21673d ago

The halo fever is real....just was at gamestop and a huge sony supporter who was working there was talking about getting the xbox one only for halo 2...I mentioned sunset overdrive and forza horizon and he didn't blink he didn't care about those...we started talking fighting games and all he talked about was dragon ball z and guilty gear when I mentioned killer instinct he was like that's not a game for I'm like wow ur getting an xbox one simply for halo so I said if I was him I would look into getting it off eBay or Craigslist for like $350 and he was like no he's going to buy it new...blew my mind

hello121673d ago

Never mind the disagrees. Sony fans just want to continue believing games like Halo will not be enough to convince people to buy an xb1.

Bryanarchy1011673d ago

I'm actually buying a PS4 just for No Man's Sky. Had no intention of getting one since the game line up wasn't really my thing.

christocolus1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )


Same thing here, some of my pals including some who are die hard ps fans are actually going to buy the console for halo too. Some of them are entirely new to the game. So getting halo 1 to halo 4 at $60 was a no brainer.then there is my brothers friend ( one of the worst ps fanboys I've ever seen)not vocal about his preferences but he dislikes anything xbox,funny thing is he too is considering getting an xbox one now for sunset overdrivve and halo brother and I were shocked when he told us he was thinking about it. Lol.

MS must be really happy about this news,its funny seeing people trying to downplay this news yet they are the same people who claimed the console would fail cos everyone interested in owning it in japan had already imported it from other countries. Smh

I do hope the console does well enough cos i need me some otogi,japanese rpgs and blinx too.