Should Nintendo Buy Capcom?

This week, Capcom’s shareholders announced that they’ll no longer deny a takeover of the company and if the price is right Capcom can become someone else’s. This of course has created a rampant amount of speculation and so we must ask: Since Nintendo also announced that they’re open to acquisitions, should they buy Capcom?

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DonDon1633d ago

I wouldn't at all be opposed to it. Although I think Capcom would benefit most by going with a Parent/Holder company so they can have total financial freedom. But if not, I think Nintendo is best first party. Still though, hope Capcom remains multiplat so everyone wins.

DonDon1633d ago

Correction: I said *financial* freedom, but I meant creative freedom. The holder company would still be holding the purse strings (unfortunately).

HexxedAvenger1633d ago

Why not? I mean they might be able to do good with all franchises. I mean they're bringing back megaman in a way and giving him new life so to speak.

Activemessiah1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

I'm all for anyone buying Capcom apart from EA and Bethesda.