Project Morpheus Hands-On Impressions [GXC]

GXC: "Virtual reality has come a long way since the days of the Virtual Boy. With Occulus Rift leading the way, many other gaming companies, indie and major, have gotten in on the craze. One of those companies is Sony Computer Entertainment who is making strides in the field of virtual reality entertainment with their upcoming device, Project Morpheus. Very few people have been able to get their hands on Morpheus as it is displayed at trade shows and the like. However, thanks to the great folks over at PlayStation, I was one of the fortunate few who was able to try out the device and play a couple of demos at E3 2014. The technology we now have, has opened up a new set of possibilities for virtual reality and I’m a believer that greatness can be achieved."

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ThatMiamiGuy2598d ago

"Please be excited."

No, but really. I am. Wish I could have tried it. Hope some good games come out for it.

amiga-man2598d ago

I am excited, I can't wait to be fully immersed in a virtual gaming world

zeuanimals2598d ago

That's been my gaming dream since I started watching Digimon as a kid.

Just imagine The Elder Scrolls made more with VR in mind, and with co-op so you can go spelunking with buddies (not MMO).

MRMagoo1232598d ago

Good games will def come to it, imagine any first person game such as a new elder scrolls on it, it will be amazing. I havent been this excited about a new peripheral in years and years. I hope the occulas does amazingly well too.

iXenon2598d ago (Edited 2598d ago )

Damn! This is the first preview I've read that actually makes me wanna buy this...

SoundGamer2598d ago

Hopefully it's at a good price when it finally hits the consumer market.

system222598d ago

I'm pretty excited for this. Especially after playing with the oculus.