Well, EA, that's one way to spin the problems you've had with Battlefield 4

GameZone's Lance Liebl, "I don't care if it was a client-side or server-side problem... the fact that there were so many problems for so many people for so long is the issue here. And I particularly don't care for the excuse given by Wilson for the cause of the problems."

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randomass1712596d ago

This from a quote in the article. "Think about what Battlefield 4 was: 64 player multiplayer, giant maps, 1080p, Levolution that was changing the gameplay design in an emergent way. There is a chance there are things you are going to miss through the development cycle. And you end up in a situation we had with Battlefield 4"

I think everyone knows BF4 had bugs because it was rushed and not because it was tough to develop. It's good to own up to your mistake, but please don't lie or sugarcoat it.

porkChop2596d ago

What makes that quote even more BS is that none of that was really new for the Battlefield franchise. And using "1080p" as an excuse? Really? None of the BF4 versions were even 1080p except the PC version. EVERY PC game can do 1080p if you have the hardware. Just BS excuses that even an idiot can see right through.

randomass1712596d ago

Hear, hear. They've yet to physically compensate BF4 fans as far as I hear. Hardline looks great, but I'm approaching it cautiously because of how poorly they handled BF4.

DragonKnight2595d ago

This is my problem with that, and I'm not even a Battlefield fan.

Let's say for the sake of argument that he's right and, "in development", they missed some stuff that led to such a huge problem. WHAT IN THE HELL DOES THAT MATTER IF YOU STILL DON'T FIX THE PROBLEM AFTER DEVELOPMENT?!

The game launched and has been out for some time and those problems persisted for a very very long time, it's still not up to snuff from what I've heard. So what's the B.S. excuse that he's going to come up with to explain that away?

randomass1712595d ago

Shift in development for newer games, most likely. Or perhaps DLC like what Warner Bros. did. Either way, it probably won't be a very good excuse at all.

christrules00412595d ago

Well upgrading the frostbite 3 engine and making levolution work with the engine can be a lot of work for a developer to do. Normally just upgrading the engine and making a game is a lot to do. But them adding on toppling skyscrapers, a crashing ship into the mix did add a lot more then they could handle in the time frame they had. I bought Battlefield 4 and COD Ghosts. But I'm moving away from multiplayer because they screwed them up so bad.

I even got into the Battlefield Hardline beta on my PC but it's still not that good in my opinion.

AgentSmithPS42595d ago

I hope that a better company makes a "battlefield clone" so good that it embarrasses EA even more. Maybe some real competition would help since they don't appear to have a conscience or competence.

RegorL2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

We'll see how many years it will take for others to catch up...

This is not trivial.
- Destruction
- Levolution (not only big things, smaller reversible changes like opening and closing)
- Vehicles (slow on ground, fast flying)
- 60 fps
- still one of the best looking
- does it in 64 players multi-player!

Lots of game releases coming
NFS Rivals (might use a modified Frostbite 2 engine)
PvZ Garden Warefare (Xbox, soon PS, PC, iPAD...)
Dragon Age Inquisition
Battlefield Hardline - I think it is its single player we should keep an eye on...
Golf - EA Sports PGA Tour !

cyclindk2595d ago

So set pieces and LESS actual dynamic destructibility made the game more difficult to develop... k

sovietsoldier2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

funny i remember bf3 having more then 64 players and it was not very lagy but ea/dice had the final say and now the most you will ever have is 64 till they need to sell a new bf game then it will magically be more then 64 players. ea/dice are not the only ones in gaming industry that do it but they just do it so poorly that you cant help but call them out on it.

joab7772595d ago

Now I am npt saying that there isnt any BS going on. There may very well be. BUT...I do read all the time about how companies retread games and dont do anything new, they simply annualized everything. CoD is a great example. They got the message and changed to 3 yr cycles.

Speaking of CoD, I believe that herein lies the real issue. EA decided to go after that money and annualized Battlefield/Medal of Honor/Hardline with a 2 yr cycle.

DICE tried to push the boundaries but didnt have the time. What they r doing with online shooters is amazing (we hav simply taken it for granted). They were forced to meet a deadline and couldnt fully deliver. Though I must say that I had few issues after launch...and they were minor.

Jubez1872595d ago

This series went downhill. BF3 was a masterpiece and I got into the Hardline beta and just could not get myself to enjoy it. The graphics are horrendous. EA/DICE/WHOEVER needs to relax with the sharp sharp sharp graphics to the point where I can't tell if something 30 feet away is a person crouching or a trash can.

papashango2595d ago

BF3 was hardly a masterpiece.

I put thousands of hours into BF2 but with BF3 I stopped just shy of 100

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