Metal Gear Solid V | The History of Big Boss, Part One

Let’s start at the beginning of Big Boss’ legacy and touch on the points that are confirmed to be tying into Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. We’ll eventually be covering other major titles in the timeline that will be shaping the events of The Phantom Pain as well.

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Jaqen_Hghar2591d ago

Good synopsis though SPOILERS! The boss did not reveal her true intentions before the final battle. EVA revealed it to him when she left a tape at his house after she ditches him. This takes place well after the mission and after he killed her. Also Ocelot is not Big Boss' son. He is the son of the Sorrow and the Boss.

Samrobinson2591d ago

Yep, it says he was the son of The Boss, not Big Boss - I think you just misread that part. Good point on EVA's Tape though. The message of Big Boss' suffering at the end of the game though was the point to get across for the setup of The Phantom Pain, so as long as it's covered, not too worried about it.

Jaqen_Hghar2591d ago

ah a man did misread. apologies but a man just gets nit-picky on MGS, especially MGS3 which is in a man's top 5 games of all time and his favorite in the franchise. Also Big Boss is his favorite character in the series (so naturally a man is AMAZINGLY excited that the next game has him as the main character though that shrapnel should be taken out)

Mexxan2591d ago

Thanks to the author for this. Figuring out Metal Gear melts my brain.

Pillsbury12591d ago

This convoluted and HIGHLY detailed story is one of the reasons I live mgs. Kojima is a genius for coming up with all of this.

joab7772591d ago

We need this to get caught up especially since many ppl didnt play peace walker, myself included.