10 Reasons Everyone’s Giving Up On Next-Gen Consoles

The eighth generation of home consoles were met with rabid anticipation after nearly seven years (longer if you don’t count the Wii U) of old hardware. Despite the hype and record-breaking sales however, there’s still the nagging feeling that something isn’t quite right. Like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day, gamers feel like they’re trapped in a repeating cycle, experiencing the same trends over and over again. With a new generation comes the promise of technological innovation and a fresh start for developers as well as gamers. This seemed to hold true about the eighth generation, and yet something doesn’t quite feel right.

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Mikelarry1632d ago

i can remember just before next gen console were revealed and developers and publishers were all excited and talked about how last gen tricks will not sustain in the new gen and how they had to think of new ways to improve the industry but alas all those were just.... empty lies for the most part of this new gen

i do agree with some point made in this article
dlc /season pass has gotten out of hand
remasters, reboots, HD remakes, definitive edition everywhere
timed exclusives galore
high prices for next gen games

with all these in mind i am still hopefully that over the years some of the above will die out and we will start seeing real innovation and better business practices that will benefit the industry as a whole

Abash1632d ago

If anyone is giving up on this gen after 7 months, they should just quit gaming all together or learn what patience is

randomass1711632d ago

^This. Consoles at launch are never as appealing as they are later on. That's just how it teds to be. And it's only going to get better from her on out and PS4 is killing it right now in sales. I don't think people will give up on the latest generation.

Mikelarry1632d ago

the " everyone is giving up on next gen" is a bit of an exaggeration but we can all agree that currently there is nothing really "next gen" about the current offerings from game developers and publishers. but 2015 will hopefuly change all that as that's when most of the great games that really push "next gen" are coming out.

Godmars2901632d ago

No one's giving up on it, yet it still hasn't delivered despite only continuing hype and outright lying BS.

Kavorklestein1632d ago

Agreed. If anyone is calling it quits after a year, I'd hate to see these folks keep a College education going, or a job, or a girlfriend, or car payments, or phone bills... Meaning, you can't expect it to rip your pants off, suck the poop out of your dark crevasse, and wipe your butthole too, you gotta wait for the games that are "The Shit" to drop. ANd the features, and the new game design breakthroughs can come from unlikely sources, so with such a small library of available titles so far, we really just gotta wait and see.

Patience is a virtue.
Like getting a Platinum trophy or all the achievements in a game, you gotta hang in there even through the boring and slow phases, not turn off the game before you get past the loading screen!

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ProjectVulcan1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

What these new consoles are, are what most things are these days. Refinements of existing technologies.

Evolution rather than revolution.

If you want revolution in gaming, these consoles are never gonna be it obviously. If however you like the idea of ever more refined gaming experiences, these will do nicely.

mikeslemonade1632d ago

Fastest selling system is PS4 and one of the faster selling systems is the X1. Newbs need to play games longer to know that this actually one of the better first years in gaming history. Remember 360 first year and PS2 year.. You probably don't..

air11632d ago


That's how I was understanding it until he got to the PC part..... I was agreeing with him but i have also been gaming longer than him to know that new gens always start off kind of slow.

IMO the closest shot PC has to taking over the consoles would be steam box, it's obviously not starting off too hot so not much of a chance especially as the years pass by..

I am sure that I will experience some amazing games this gen on consoles.

Omegasyde1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )


I think the ps4 had a better launch year than the ps3 and the ps2.

No gimped madden, a couple unique IPs, and plenty of 3rd party support.

Add on the free to play titles, and this was the best launch year ever. All i need is mp3 support.

Once I have that, I will get down on bended knee and ask my playstation 4 to be my second wife. It will be a prenup of course :)

TheSaint1632d ago

A generation doesn't really kick off until at last 18 months in, never has probably never will.

SilentNegotiator1631d ago

People have given up so much that 8th gen consoles are selling in record numbers.

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ArchangelMike1632d ago

Man how can anyone be giving up on next gen when the greatest games are just around the corner, well 3-18 months around the corner, but still!!!

We've got games like... *takes a deep breath*
Destiny, FarCry4, Hell Divers, Alien Isolation, Shadow of Mordor, The Order 1886, The Witcher 3, The Division, Uncharted 4, Arkham Knight...

The list goes on and on. It might only be me, but I am so not ready to give up on next-gen yet. Heck for me, next-gen hasn't even started yet!!!

Skylar1632d ago

Maybe they give up because you can get the same games on PC with better visuals and performance.

avengers19781632d ago

Not uncharted, not the order, not driveclub, not LBP3... Or any playstation exclusive, is there a PC version of sunset overdrive, Halo 5, Quantum Break, Crackdown 3

herbs1632d ago

So many Butthurt console peasants all over this lol...

Really the only advantage that the X1, PS4 have is convienence and hardware parity for online play but every other aspect is worse compared to PC and that's the truth. When the last generation of consoles launched they were state of the art machines the current gen machines are just streamlined entry level PCs for the masses riding on hype not hardware. If you own a gaming PC the X1 and PS4 become borderline pointless...

Disagree away we both know I'm 100% correct...

MRMagoo1231632d ago

If you are 100% correct how come I have 3 gaming pcs in my house along with a PS4 that I use regularly? They arent the best gaming pcs in the world but I think 8gigs corsair ddr3 ram along with gtx770 gpus and the ivy bridge i5s is good enough for each. Of course one PC is mine, one is my wifes and one is my sons, but I use my pc often as well as my pc.

Clunkyd1632d ago

Sorry, but I need my consoles for the exclusives and other purposes. PC exclusives are just utter sh*t, in my opinion.

herbs1632d ago

It's true exclusives do make it worth owning a console I just like rustling the feathers. I have a Wii U for the exclusives...


You are right about one thing. Last gen consoles released with prime tech... But that had a cost. Low adoption because of high price, hiked the development costs over the roof and, with the recession that hit not far after, it was basically a recipe for disaster as many now-defunct gaming companies could attest. This gen both Sony and MS streamlined their consoles to a easier development and cheaper entry price as a way to warrant some success, in other words: they played it safe. Unfortunately, other than that you got it all wrong. Too much “herbs” is my guess...

Riding the hype? 7 months in, most "hyped" games and features had not even been released for us to say they aren't worth... For what we have now this consoles are not under delivering, some games actually point otherwise (Infamous SS looked as great as expected, Forza 5 actually delivered with it's drivatars, etc). Sure features and apps wise both are behind PS3 and XB360, also new services and features that were hinted at reveal not yet available or heavily restricted, but this was to be expected (or even acknowledged).

And I think you are grasping at straws with the whole hardware disparity... You are completely ignoring how easier it is to develop for those new consoles while dispite the PC-like features, they keep the usual low overhead. No bloated OSes, streamlined software and closer to the metal development means we don't NEED as much from the hardware as PC gamers. This time consoles don't get the best hardware indeed, but the results for now show multiplatform perform on next-gen consoles very similar to a high end gaming PC today, better than PS3 and 360 were performing related to PCs in 2006/7.

I don’t think it’s just convenience driving console sales (the best adoption rate in history, I believe) either… To start, the entry price on PC gaming is bad. Yes, yes, the games are cheaper, but many people don't want to spend a thousand bucks or so upfront. And even if most people already have a PC they can upgrade, most PCs are not even close to specs needed for a gaming rig (and one that will need upgrading over time anyway if you want to keep up with game releases) and most people don’t know how to do it themselves.

Second is the library. Not only consoles tend to have amazing exclusives released regularly (PC also get some great exclusives every now and than, but personally, for what appeals to me, it's not even close on consistency), but also many of their multiplatforms never touch PC.

Also, maybe coupled with convenience (which I'm understanding as a simpler or "dumber" way to play games, correct me if you meant something else), many of us don't want to deal with the very same machine we already spend so much time on work and even at home doing tasks. Gaming is not supposed to feel like a task. And yes, we all know we could hook up a controller to a PC for the couch potato experience, but how that fixes having to go through the boot up, navigate the OS into the game, eventually having to manually update or fix something when stuff clash and what not? PCs are couch compatible, but not necessarily couch friendly.

Last, but not least, accessories became a big deal last gen. Motion controllers more precisely. They do exist on PC but are seldom supported, while accessories are more pushed by the platform holder with consoles. Now with virtual reality on the horizon, this concern is relevant again.

Those are just some reasons from the top of my "peasant" head, I'm sure other people may have other reasons.

Sarcasm1632d ago

I have a gaming PC and have had one since 2009. Tell me why is it that after 5 years there's still nothing that looks as good as Uncharted 4, or the order 1886? Sure it might not be in 1440p or running 120fps or whatever the F. It's still the FACT that console developers will always push the boundaries of the hardware due to the closed nature of the platforms.

Now I'm not trying to feed the troll about the whole console vs PC argument. But it's really telling that my GTX 680 only gets maxed out once in a blue moon.

Regardless, it's going to boil down to the console exclusive games that will NEVER EVER go to the PC which most of last generation was PS3 games and soon it will be PS4 games.

KinjoTakemura1632d ago

The problem with gaming PC's is that they constantly need to be updated and they're expensive. I don't know what world you exist in, but in this one, most people don't feel like shelling out 1000 dollars plus just to play video games, especially on operating systems that are prone to catching malware, viruses, and crashing because memory is being sucked up by an automatic update.

iplay1up21631d ago

Owning a gaming PC does not get you the Exclusive AAA games that consoles do, and that is 100% Correct. Sure the PC has some exclusives, but the number pales in comparison to the big 3.

Even the Wii U can pull off slick visuals, and perfect online play (MK8). The PS4 has not even come close to being maxed out yet, and I am pretty sure within the next 3 years we are going to see some Amazing looking EXCLUSIVE games.

supes_241631d ago

Herbs, so basically your PC arguement is graphics? Am I right? Ive yet to find a PC game that makes me prefer pc over consoles. I prefer Sonys and microsofts exclusive games over of any day. Theres seriously a problem with you pc fanboys. You feel the need to come here and argue every which way you ca as to why pc is better but it ends in disagrees all over your post. Console are supreme when it comes to gaming, simply because it's so simple and there's no need for me to upgrade my hardware every year or so. I like how my consoles games get better and better as the life of it goes on. I'll stick to my consoles forever and nothing a pc can do will change that.

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Magicite1632d ago

Remember, we can vote with our wallets!

colonel1791632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

I agree that there are no games and no variety. People say that Sony's E3 was horrible, but look at the games that were announced at that conference, in comparison to the PS4 reveal AND E3 2013/2014 (combined):

E3 2006:

Sony (First Party Games)
Uncharted: Drakes Fortune (New IP)
Resistance: Fall of Men (New IP)
Eye of Judgement (New IP)
Heavenly Sword (New IP)
Warhawk (New IP)
Singstar (New IP?)
Afrika (New IP)
Eight Days (New IP) -Cancelled-
The Gateway - Cancelled-
Hot Shot Golf
Gran Turismo HD

Assassin's Creed (New IP)
Monster Kingdom (New IP)
Fatal Inertia (New IP)
Genji 2
Coded Arms Assault
Ridge Racer 7
Brothers in Arms
Tekken 6
Sonic the Hedgehog
Virtua Tennis 3
Virtua Fighters 5
Armored Core 4
Final Fantasy XIII
Final Fantasy Versus XIII
Metal Gear Solid 4
EA Sports games (NBA, FIFA, NHL, MADDEN)

Not every game released and not every game was good, but no one can deny that there were so many games to look forward to. There were also so many first party games and with a lot of variety, and that was just SONY

Comparing it to PS4, it is very disappointing. Yes, there are great games coming, but very, very few, specially in the NEW IP department.

Gamer19821631d ago

Consoles are selling faster than in the history of consoles yet lately all we ever get is doom and gloom articles. Xbox one is losing yet is actually selling faster than ps3/360 did post launch and ps4 is so far the fastest selling console of all time yet consoles are dying and Sonys going bust and Nintendo whos outselling the xbox are also gonna give up because theres no 3rd party support.. OMG just shut up already.. Gaming has never been better right now to dive into.. The only issue I have with it is thanks to indies taking off theres a lot of crap getting released and its getting harder to find a good game as consoles stores are becoming more like my ipad store. On the plus side though i'm never short of a game to play..

supes_241631d ago

Agreed. I'm not a fan of the indie movement but I know lots of gamers are. There's such a flood of them I stay away from it altogether. I only play AAA titles or well known developers titles and go by user reviews on here to purchase other lesser known games.

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EXVirtual1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

People who are giving up 7 months in either have never experienced a console launch before and make a quick assumptions, or have high expectations coupled with impatience.

How does one forget the drought that the PS3 had for what? A year or so?

Some points in this article are sound though. Despite that, not every game or company o's plagued with the issues listed here.

F4sterTh4nFTL1632d ago

I predict 1000+ heat for this one.

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Bigpappy1632d ago

"Ever Everyone’s Giving Up On Next-Gen Consoles".

Uh. Not sure that qualifies as even an opinion. That's just way out there. For all I have been reading suggest that tis is one of the fastest adaption rates in the history on consoles.

Am I wrong on that?

NexGen1632d ago

You're not wrong...The article is.

LOGICWINS1632d ago

Nope, you're correct on all points.

saint_seya1632d ago

I can believe im agreen with you, but yup, this time i think you are 100% right.
I guess someone needs hits in his/her site, so that should work as a nice click bite.

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