Should Video Games Have Same-Sex Relationships?

A few of the GUG writers team up to tackle this polarizing issue.

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woodchipper891583d ago

Are the GUG writers right?

ZodTheRipper1583d ago

They are wrong for even asking this. If it fits the game (e. g. Sims) or story (e. g. Mass Effect 3) there is nothing wrong with same-sex relationships between characters, if not it shouldn't be there just for the sake of it. Same goes for female protagonists and many other things in games... it's the developers who should ask and answer these questions for their own games.

randomass1711582d ago

^This. Forcing it in for the sake of is not great, but in context it certainly can make the game more accessible. I think a good example is Saints Row because they let you make your character, then in II and onward they let you customize a woman character and it still fit just fine.

NukaCola1582d ago

I don't care regardless, but don't don't for the sake of controversy. Like the breastfeeding in Game of Thrones. Did nothing for the story other than to question what bad mom got paid to let her kid do this?

kreate1582d ago

Its whatever the creators want. They should just make what they want, who cares if ppl will get offended.

Ppl who are offended wont play it anyway.

Conzul1582d ago

The entire question is pointless anyway.

It's not up to the crowd, it's up to the creators.
Enter the world of preference, however, and anything goes. Personally, if I made games, I would never add gay characters unless the plot or character arc needed them. Which it might, who can say. Just don't shove it.

TheSaint1582d ago

Why isn't it like films? Some films have gays in them some don't.

Why can't games be the same?

iamnsuperman1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

I think it should happen. The only time would it be unacceptable is when it is included to make people see the game as different and not because it is a natural occurrence.

Also you seem to have two heavily religious staff members. It is no biggy but they way the write is a bit preachy and could come off a bit offensive if they are not careful (I know it is a christian site but they need to be careful on their style of writing)

randomass1711582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

Game's with full on dating/life sims probably should. It shouldn't be forced into everything, but in context why not? There's gay marriage in real life, so why not video games with a focus on marriage? As long as it's just optional I don't see any problems with it.

explicitbaron1582d ago

Make games the way you want but don't concentrate on being liberal or satisfying certain causes. The new Assassin's Creed doesn;t have any female protagonist so, what. Same sex relationships, just as certain religious ideas or genders should be in a game if they move the plot and matter.

Spotie1582d ago

They should if it makes sense to have them. Same with minorities and female protagonists.

It's really much easier than people make this out to be.

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The story is too old to be commented.