These Skyrim Modded Snowy Screenshots Will Blow You Away

DSOGaming writes: "Ah, you gotta love modders. Skyrim is a really great looking game when modded and Skyrim’s ENBSeries member ‘Unreal’ has just shared a new set of screenshots, showing off some amazing snowy environments. Unreal has used unbelievable settings, making Skyrim look really spectacular."

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lets_go_gunners1583d ago

It's 4.99 on steam. If you don't have already. Do yourself a favor.

F4sterTh4nFTL1583d ago

I recommend getting the legendary edition for $13. It has all the DLCs.

cyclindk1583d ago

Hmmm 5 dollars or 13 dollars... too rich, I will wait until they are 0.01 cents and 0.05 cents respectively. All your early adopters must be loaded...

ABizzel11583d ago

Skyrim, GTA 4, and Crysis are all on sale on Steam and all have incredible mods waiting to kill you PC XD

Neckbear1583d ago

The game is actually pretty crappy, even though it looks good with mods. But no amount of mods can fix the terrible level-up system or the combat (or gameplay in general), which are absolutely dreadful.

cemelc1583d ago

Yeah that is my main problem with elder scrolls games, truly open... but animations are poor and controls are not that good.

lets_go_gunners1583d ago

"In my opinion" You feel this way no me and the 33k people playing right now on steam. Just cause you don't like it doesn't mean it's "crappy."

AndrewLB1583d ago

And the level up system and combat can be easily modded to fit your needs. There are dozens of mods specifically made to fix what you complain about.

Magicite1583d ago

I wonder what kind of PC you need to run with these extreme graphics mods.

shammgod1583d ago

The part on Skyrim, one of the first quests...bleak falls I think, when you climb that mountain and it is a white out! One of the best gaming moments ever for me. Amazing!