5 Things People Love About Sleeping Dogs

For most of everyone who played Sleeping Dogs it's not hard to see why people fell in love with it, from the sparkling night life to the dynamic fighting mechanics, the game managed to carve out its own unique take on the open-world genre without becoming too much of a standard GTA clone or getting lost in its own image like Saints Row.

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masterfox2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

Agree, Wei is much cooler character and it can kick the crap out of Aiden, not only Aiden but other city sand box games characters as well, well the exception of the Infamous ones, Wei would be disintegrated lol :D

gamerfan09092595d ago

I didn't like the game at all. The driving sucked, the camera in the game was awful, the graphics sucked. I don't get the acclaim this game gets.

ABizzel12595d ago

The Driving in most open world games, is average at best, but I didn't have a problem with it. Personally I didn't have a problem with the camera either. But the graphics in this game are anything but bad. Maybe you need to change what platform you played it on.

Vampetz2595d ago

I played the game on my PC and the graphics at Ultra were stellar. Not sure what you played it on.

Agent_hitman2595d ago

I really really love this game, and I'm very happy to hear the Sleeping Dog 2 development is on going..

DawginTow12595d ago

Couldn't agree more, absolutely loved SD. Just hope sum people's fears that Triad Wars might b sum mostly MP-thing aren't true at all (I think cuz of sum of the recent Squenix preoccupation w/ mmo/mobile stuff of late); there HAS 2 b a solid SP element to it, or I'd b very disappointed :(

Chaos_Raiden2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

Sleeping Dogs = A great successor of True Crime: Streets of LA and a great open-world game. Here is why:

1) Great melee combat system.
2) Good and tight driving controls.
3) Authentic Cantonese dialogue as well as good English.
4) Good and intriguing story.
5) Great characters, especially Wei Shen.

manaxknight12595d ago

SD is a fun open world game while a little short. it kinda reminded me of double dragon.

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