Nether Prey Or Pray – Leaves Early Access Plus Steam Sale

SteamFirst: On June 5, after months of community support and feedback, Nether Productions announced that first-person survival game Nether had exited Steam Early Access and is available as a full release.

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AllAboutGaming1669d ago

Buyers beware. The same guy behind War Z is behind this game. The only time I ever requested a Steam refund was with War Z. Also beware that they renamed War Z to enable themselves to fleece more gamers who didn't realize it was War Z.

There is already a boycott on Steam for this.

SteamFirst1668d ago

You are correct but this game is great. It does still have its glitches which is inexcusable but with nearly 20 hours in game I do not regret the purchase. The game is extremely fun and worth the full price IMO.