5 of the Best Indie Games I've Ever Played

Indie gaming is big business. As more of the large developers churn out similar experiences, people are starting to look elsewhere. Here are just 5 of the best indie games I've ever played.

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Neckbear1584d ago

It's so sad everyone seems to forget Cave Story, with it being one of the greatest games of all time and everything.

AllAboutGaming1584d ago

Without a doubt I'd add Outlast to this list.

Revolt131584d ago

Just bought that on Xbox One,
Absolutely terrifying, but loving it

goldwyncq1584d ago

I don't know why there's so many disagrees with your comment. It's one of the most terrifying games of all time.

dragon821584d ago

Great game but not terrifying at all.

RGB1584d ago

Don't Starve is so underrated.
Bashed to death because it's "too hard", rocking 500+ days on PS4 save and 700+ on PC.

uth111584d ago

I agree, It's not really that hard. Once you know what you need to get through your first winter. You can easily keep going

RGB1583d ago

Reign of Giants makes the game way harder too, people are too used to easy games these days.

Conzul1583d ago

I feel the same about Don't Starve as I do about Monopoly (board game)....

That being that I'll always love it despite sucking at it.

uth111584d ago

I still don't know what I'm missing with Resogun. I feel like it should be called "Defender HD"

memots1584d ago

its a great game, Very tight, you need to start trying to get high score and get combo's going thats where the beauty of it is.

gamerfan09091584d ago

For me Shadow Complex, Limbo, Gucamelee, Hotline Miami, and Fez are the best Indies I personally played last gen. They all combined great gameplay, content, and re-playability in one. Other than that there's a few more that I enjoyed playing but nothing that wowed me.

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The story is too old to be commented.