Pixel Piracy Producer Asks You To Download The Game For Free Before Buying It

In a rather interesting turn of events, Pixel Piracy producer Alexander Poysky has asked gamers in a Reddit post in r/Games to download their game for free from Pirate Bay to know if the game is worth it before buying the game since it’s still in Early Access.

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F4sterTh4nFTL2644d ago (Edited 2644d ago )

That is what many people already do now. People have been bitten by overhyped/overrated games or just plain bad games too many times and they have become very cautious of their purchases, especially with digital versions of games which cannot be returned back to the retail store like the disc based games used to.

wallis2643d ago

This. Although somewhat ironically for an indie title like pixelpiracy I'd just buy it straight away to begin with. It's cheap enough and you know that you're giving money to someone who legitimately needs it. You can see continual support and patches, lots of reviews saying the game works - in short you know your money is going to someone who deserves it and in turn you'll get a fun roguelike with loads of replayability.

Compare that to the last AAA game I bought on launch: Arkham Origins. I've given Warner Bros (a multimillion dollar company) some money so they can make more DLC to then charge me for that DLC when the game doesn't even work to begin with.