No Man's Sky is not coming to Xbox One, but that could change

"We're not currently talking about an Xbox One version of No Man's Sky, only that No Man's Sky will make its console debut on PS4."

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DanzoSAMA1580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

It's timed exclusive, after few months from release date will be coming to Xbox ONE. Like Outlast.

randomass1711580d ago

I don't think it's guaranteed but it does seem like a likely possibility.

SG1_dapunisherX1580d ago

I bet money no man sky will come to xbox, after ps4 1 year of time exclusive...

GodGinrai1580d ago

I think it will be six month window of exclusivity.

MasterCornholio1580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

I know some people will bring up the parity clause but the truth is that Microsoft will make an exception for this game especially after all the attention it received.


I agree it will probably be exclusive for 6 months.

johndoe112111580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

I'm still trying to figure out why so many xbox fans care. This is an indie game. As far as I have been told on many many occasions in many many different forums xbox fans don't buy consoles to play indie games. That's for the sony fans and their indiestation. As far as I have been told and have seen, microsoft fans really don't care for or want this game so I really don't see a problem with it remaining a ps4 exclusive.

morganfell1580d ago

If it comes to X1 at all, it will be a year unless MS steps in. The reason being is they are a very small team relegated to one platform at a time. After PS4 they will go after PC next. Then maybe you will see X1.

GodGinrai1580d ago


"I'm still trying to figure out why so many xbox fans care. This is an indie game."

Its shaping up to be a great game...what do you care, what xbox owners like? And that is a great myth that PS fanboys keep spreading. I have 136 XBLA games at least 80 of those are indie games. So where does this crap about xbox owners not liking indies come from?

dodgemoose1580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )


Many Xbox One owners on this site argue that the PS4 has an abundance of indie titles and this is supposedly a negative thing - hence the term 'indiestation'. Obviously if they make such a point, the logical conclusion is that these particular owners don't like indies. Both of you are partially wrong though; him for suggesting all Xbox owners hate indies, and yourself for thinking just because you like indie titles means every other Xbox owner does as well.

GodGinrai1580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )


And at what point did I assume to speak for all Xbox owners? quote the part where I said that...Yet johndoe11211 paints ALL xbox owners with the same brush, based on his N4G interactions...

EDIT:I would NEVER associate the average PS4 owner with the kind I encounter on N4G...for a start...they are likeable..

Liqvid1580d ago


Here is your quote:

"I have 136 XBLA games at least 80 of those are indie games. So where does this crap about xbox owners not liking indies come from?"

johndoe112111580d ago


And if you could actually read you would have noticed that I said in many different forums hence not just n4g. If you are claiming to have never seen such comments made by xbox fanboys littered all over the Internet then you either have selective observance syndrome or are a passive liar.

GodGinrai1580d ago


That was in response to joedoes comment...No part of that says I speak for all xbox owners...I am speaking as one that DOES by indies on xbox. I have a right to counter his conjecture.

"As far as I have been told and have seen, microsoft fans really don't care for or want this game"

"I'm still trying to figure out why so many xbox fans care. This is an indie game. "

Are you honestly going to tell me you are generalizing Xbox users with THOSE comments?

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Nekroo911580d ago

it usually takes a few months for games to come out to other console.

But this is a team of 4 guys so im not expecting a port any team soon, cause the esram takes time to work with

JP13691580d ago

It's actually ten now, but that's still not enough people to work on multiple platforms simultaneously.

BX811580d ago

Lol at the way devs word those questions. I think in the end devs just want to share there game with as many people as possible.

JP13691580d ago

Such a short turnaround would be unlikely. The team has said they would like to develop for PC as well, but they probably lack the numbers to work on a Xbox port while developing for PS4 and PC. Six months is more likely, unless MS helps them out (which they should) and contracts allow it.

DigitalRaptor1580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

It's nothing like Outlast.

Outlast was on PS4 first because of Sony's openness with indie devs, PlayStation Plus and Microsoft's own policies holding things back.

No Man's Sky has been signed by Shahid Ahmad (as in contractually) as a console exclusive, with the developer really only mentioning PC as a console that they are super excited to support as well as PlayStation. This article is COMPLETELY redundant. It's just an Xbox guy repeating what we already know about the game.

What matters though, is that this gorgeous, ground-breaking procedural adventure game will make its name on PS4 before anything else since Sony had the gall to pick it up promote and support the concept. It's a game about the joy of pure discovery, and looks like PS4 guys will be "discovering" things before anyone else.

But I thought indies were "trash", so not worth talking about? Seems that they are worth talking about, when they "might" be coming to the Xbone.

randomass1711580d ago

The only ones who said indies are all trash were disgruntled Xbox fanboys. But plenty are coming around now that Microsoft is pushing some indie initiative, which is good because more exposure for indies means they can gain more success.

truefan11580d ago

It will come to XB1, but I'm trying to understand what all the hype is with this game. It looked ok, but people are talking like its the second coming. I mean from what I saw you roam around and eventually have air combat. Looks good, but I haven't seen enough to see why this game is being hyped the way it is.

LeCreuset1580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

You know I'm about to light you up for your hypocrisy, right? Be right back.

Update: And I'm back. Hey truefan1, maybe you are having a difficult time understanding the hype for this game, but remember when those programmers from Naughty Dog tried to explain to you why you shouldn't get too hyped for DX12 on XB1? Remember how you responded?

"ND must be threatened to issue this statement, especially saying pure marketing hyperbole. He sounds like all of you, this must be pre June 2nd damage control. Also sony execs sure worry alot about what MSFT is doing, saying DX12 will do nothing and planning a reactionary E3.

"This guy must be privileged to get access to DX12 this early lol. This damage control excites me, because if it was nothing the ICE TEAM wouldn't care."

So a game we've actually seen something of you're trying to understand the hype for, but DX12 which you've never seen on XB1 was something you went on the attack defending? Hmmm. You must be "threatened" to masquerade such "damage control" as a legit comment.

LeCreuset1580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

Truefan on hype for a PS4 exclusive:

"It will come to XB1, but I'm trying to understand what all the hype is with this game. It looked ok, but people are talking like its the second coming."

Truefan hyping XB1:

"Maybe I'm missing something, but what was the point of your reply. At least there are some XB1 exclusives to actually play. I would say in 2014 xb1 has the better lineup of games as well. I can't say for certain, but quantum break looks fantastic, titanfall=gamechanger, Halo, project spark, sunset overdrive....Also isn't that spectacular game the Divison supposed to be more dynamic on XB1."

GarrusVakarian1580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

" but I haven't seen enough to see why this game is being hyped the way it is."

For me, it looks like the perfect game to just lay down and relax too and get immersed. I can understand why some people are saying they don't really see the point in it though, definitely. I know that abstract kinda games like these aren't for everyone.

Exploring space in your personal ship, with seamless transitions to and from planet surfaces and procedurally generated space is just amazing to me, but then again, ive always been a huge Sci-Fi nerd, and i don't really mind if there isn't really a 'point' to the game. The art style is a big plus for me too. But different strokes for different folks i guess.

It's reasons like this that im glad i own both consoles, i would have been livid if i only owned an X1 and found out it was exclusive to PS4 first.

jmac531580d ago

Haha! Love the smack down generated by your delusions.

kayoss1580d ago

Is a type of person every one should ignor, not sure if truefan and georgenoob are the same person but at least georgenoob claim to own a ps3. Making him more open minded. Anyways truefan was one of the xboxers who claimed titanfall was a game changer and that it will result in system seller, even outselling the ps4 on its release. We all know what happened.

ziggurcat1580d ago


Didn't you complain not that long ago about people going into xbone articles, and downplaying games? Yet, here you are.... In an article about a game that is likely going to only be on PC/PS4... Downplaying it because it's probably not coming out for xbone.

I'm pretty sure that if it happens to be confirmed for xbone, we won't hear the end how awesome the game is from you.

Stop being a hypocrite, it makes you look really foolish.

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sinspirit1580d ago

So, this article is all the XBox's indie divisions head talking about the game, and confirming that there are still no plans for it coming to X1. Microsoft employees shouldn't be trying to lead developers into decisions over public statements. They are just trying to get Hello Games attention, because they're being ignored by them.

If it were a timed exclusive then Sony would have put "Coming first to PlayStation" like they always have. They put "exclusive console debut". Meaning it's a console exclusive, but will be on PC as well, like it's already confirmed to be.

This is a misleading title. The title makes it sound like Hello Games said this could happen. But, the actual article talks about how it's still only coming for PS4 and PC like previously announced and that there are no plans for a X1 version.

medman1580d ago

The developer clearly stated it would come to ps4 first, then they would like to do a pc version at some point, and wouldn't even mention the xbox by name. That is not a good sign. And when you're talking about small dev teams, things never move that quickly. Sony may have offered them assistance or may be moving to lock them in as a first party studio altogether, who knows? I don't, and neither do you. Maybe they appreciate the way Sony does business with them and will be another Quantic Dream or Ready at Dawn, who while not first parties only release games for Sony systems. Xbox only gamers better pray this isn't the case, but I feel Sony would be very wise to make it so. If this doesn't turn out to be the case, will Microsoft make an exception for the game to their foolish [email protected] policies that has already cost them with indie devs? And if they do it for this game, won't that affect them going forward with other indie devs who would not appreciate the rules being broken for one developer but not for them?

Magicite1580d ago

and wont do even half as good.

1575d ago
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LightDiego1580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

I don't know, there is a possibility for this game on Xbox One. Indies from another studios, not the exclusives studios, come to all platforms.

mkis0071580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

Joe Danger (the first game from them that also was at first exclusive to ps3)

Took a year and a half to get to xbox 360...maybe the same will happen here.

Come to think of it, I bet you Sony's support the first time is why they chose this route this time as well.

rdgneoz31580d ago

While the game will most likely come to the xbone, Joe Danger took so long because of the parity clause. They could put their original game on the 360 because of it. They had to add stuff to it so it could go over.

Also, :

mkis0071580d ago

Wow! I knew they had been a pub fund dev, but I had always wondered how sony felt about losing exclusivity for funding it.

When you treat devs well, good things happen in the future for you.

rdgneoz31580d ago

*They couldn't

And yah, when you treat devs good, they'll be good to you as well. Not a real surprise (No Mans Sky timed) when you figured Sony helped them fund their first game and then said it was OK to bring it to the competition.

Automatic791580d ago

Console début is just that expect it on Xbox one a few months down the line with a directors cut.

ger23961580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

Where in the article does it state that? In the article it says they're not talking about a Xbox version.

Stapleface1580d ago

Where in the article does it say that they won't bring it to Xbox one a few months down the line, or a year or more later? It doesn't, everyone is just grasping hoping they get another "exclusive" instead of wanting everyone to get to enjoy the game.

torchic1580d ago

they're not allowed to talk about it that's why they're not saying it.

Respawn were saying the exact same things about Titanfall til Microsoft secured it as a "lifetime exclusive" (still doubt it) and Zampella later basically confirmed that they were working on a PS4 version

No Man's Sky will be on Xbox One

sinspirit1580d ago


So, the lack of talking about a XBox version makes you think they are going to make one? Okay. Hello Games has said only PS4 and PC. Sony said "exclusive console debut", which means console exclusive, as in only on their console, but also on PC. If it were a timed exclusive then they would have put "coming first to PlayStation" like they have before.


Titanfall was always an exclusive when the public knew about it. They didn't even know that EA had gone behind their backs and took an exclusive deal with Microsoft until about the same time that we did, so they were planning on porting it to PS4 and had mentioned it before realizing that they were only working on Microsoft platforms for the title. Titanfall is an exclusive. Any spinoff or sequel is not and can go on any platforms they wish.

dodgemoose1580d ago

'with a directors cut.'

Yea-h… Nope.

jessupj1579d ago

I fully expect for it to come to the xbone, but definitely not as soon as a few months.

I'm thinking at least 1 year, maybe 2 considering the scope of the game and the fact they want to port it to the PC as well.

ThatOneRiggaNob1580d ago

Whether it comes in a couple months or a year this is sad. I don't really get too hype for many indie games but this one blew my mind and now I probably won't get to play it for awhile. :(

jessupj1579d ago

You could always get a PS4. Then you wouldn't out on a whole bunch of exclusives and can enjoy better performing multiplats.