Destiny's worst bit is one of our favorite actors, and we're worried

Something went wrong when Peter Dinklage is the worst part of your game, but there it is.

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ArchangelMike2598d ago (Edited 2598d ago )

All Bungiie need to to is modulate the voice with a robotic inflection. Problem solved. Mass Effect did it very well with Legion, the Geth, Soveriegn and EDI etc.

Edit. Watching that vid again made me realise just how much I miss Mass Effect. It's probably the best sci-fi game ever released!

-Foxtrot2597d ago

I don't really think a sound effect is going to help his performance, your basically covering how bored he sounds instead of actually fixing the problem

I want to see a AI full of energy and emotion like Cortana.

SuperBlunt2597d ago

Its an ai. Its supposed to sound monotone. They need a synthetic overlap is all

GarrusVakarian2597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

I think Bungie wanted an AI that doesn't sound human, but instead, Peter Dinklage just sounds bored. Putting a robotic filter over his voice will at least help us recognize that it's a non-emotional AI, rather than a bored voice actor who just wants to go home, lol.

randomass1712597d ago

Cortana added a more lighthearted energy to the Halo universe. Maybe the choice to have this AI sound monotone is to establish a more somber universe. I have yet to play the alpha, so I can't say for certain, but that would be my guess.

Nitrowolf22597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

here's his voice with the robot filter

it sounds way better

Battlefieldlover2597d ago

Couldn't agree more! I kept finding dead ghosts in the Alpha so i'm hoping for more choices of "narrorators". With 500 million behind the game maybe some more big stars?

Either way they need to bring Peter back in. This man is one of the most talented actors i've ever seen (game of thrones season final anyone?). His character deserves better.

ramiuk12597d ago

yeah i think he hurts the game,was annoying infact during the alpha

GarrusVakarian2597d ago


That sounds SO much better!

sinspirit2597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

Being full of energy and emotion like Cortana might make sense if you're.. Cortana.. Not if you're an AI that is a guide as well as a library of knowledge that is smarter and decades older than Cortana. We don't need ridiculous drama nonsense with this AI, and please don't be referring to the crap in Halo 4...

And, in the actual game there is an effect over his voice. The Alpha was missing that, at least for this sample.

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fr0sty2597d ago

Wasn't this same article posted a few days back? Or is this a new site parroting the old one's story?

3-4-52597d ago

Playing ME1 in the citidel for the first time was epic.

ArchangelMike2597d ago

Meeting Sovereign for the first time... that voice was awesome.

3-4-52597d ago

O wow....

After just listening to it.


Like 40/100 mid 90's low budget PC game Bad .

3-4-52597d ago

I'm thinking that if it's only in a few parts it could almost be so bad it's good and then it is worth keeping it in the game just as a funny nod to how awful it is.

MRMagoo1232597d ago

The guy was awful at acting in game of thrones, the posh English accent he tries to do is just odd.

Flutterby2597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

No one ever ? th-the-accents-in-game-of-thron es-485816507 there are plenty more articles as well this was just the first I saw so magoo is right really. Have you actually watched the show.

If there are spaces in the link it's the phone I am on, just get rid of the spaces and have a look.

SITH2597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

Yeah peter sucks.

Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series (2011)
Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor – Series, Miniseries or Television Film (2011)
Satellite Award for Best Supporting Actor – Series, Miniseries or Television Film (2011)
Scream Award for Best Supporting Actor (2011)
Nominated—Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series (2012, 2013)
Nominated—Golden Nymph Award for Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series (2012)
Nominated—Satellite Award for Best Supporting Actor – Series, Miniseries or Television Film (2012)
Nominated—Scream Award for Best Ensemble (2011)
If you can not tell by now... I am being sarcastic.
Nominated—Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Drama Series (2014)
Nominated—Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series (2011, 2014)
Nominated—TCA Award for Individual Achievement in Drama (2011, 2012)
And that is game of thrones alone.

medman2597d ago

Few things are more tiresome to me as a gamer than when a developer hires some name actor for a part and he/she is awful....just hire the best person for the job. Nobody is buying the game because Dinklage is voicing a character. Ridiculous. I hope they have an option to change that voice to a female's voice, because what I heard was very off putting and I couldn't imagine having to listen to that nasally voice for the entire experience.

SITH2597d ago

Legions voice in destiny would be perfect. I could listen to that on the regular. But I also like peter dinklage's voice.

ginsunuva2596d ago

We already had Captian Anderson's voice actor and some other ME characters in Destiny.

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Remag852597d ago

When did gamers become such whiny little babies

GarrusVakarian2597d ago

"It can't be, it's...the HIVE!"

That's when :p

Battlefieldlover2597d ago

That wizard came from the moon....... double :p

Ghost_Nappa2597d ago

Why is the name calling necessary? Oh,wait, it isn't.

Onenyte2597d ago

I know right , it's like ever new article that gets on her ends with "and we're worried"

Destrania2597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

I agree that his performance was very off-putting unfortunately. A robot voice effect could at least help a little bit.

darren_poolies2597d ago

I liked it, he's meant to be an AI and that's exactly what he sounds like.

MysticStrummer2597d ago

I disagree. He sounds either disinterested or like an actor who does a better job when he has real people to interact with.

I watched all of Season 4 of Game of Thrones yesterday, and Dinklage is capable of much better acting than he delivers in Destiny, from what I've seen so far.

MRMagoo1232597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

I cant imagine you could watch game of thrones and come to the conclusion he could act well lol, the voice he puts on sounds like he is about a years practice away from getting his accent right, I know posh English accents my wife is from the posh part of London and what this guy does is just bad.

The best way I can put it is he sounds like he is always thinking about the way he has to say things, instead of it sounding natural.

sinspirit2597d ago


Ever thought that he isn't trying to do any particular English accent? So, where are you getting "posh" from?

Game of Thrones isn't trying to have English accents. Not at all.

MysticStrummer2597d ago

@Magoo - If you read what I said again, I didn't say he could act well, just that he can act more convincingly than he does in Destiny. He's not one of the best actors on Game of Thrones, but his character is one of the most interesting.

mcarsehat2597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )


I completely agree, Game of Thrones suffers from the delusional concept of "too many big-mouthed fans."

What this is, is when something becomes so popular that it CANNOT do wrong. Game of Thrones is the likely perpetrator for the denial of this news story.

After a while, the fans start to takeover the people that have the right to criticise until it comes to a time where one part of the show does something wrong, that mistake is then washed washed over with "fans" of the show protesting in disbelief because 'Their' show is in a bad light.

It's just my opinion but having seen everything Dinkalge has performed in (Even Lassie) i've came to the conclusion of: Dinklage Can't act.

The Dwarf is well written and charming, Dinklage is NOT the reason for his fame (Maybe his height brings a level of charm but it ends there.)

His English accent is amateurish and needs working on again, the show is not scared to vary the accents but a character shouldn't be English unless the actor can speak it.

Professionals know more, they are paid to know more and you should all just accept it.

Flutterby2597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )


I linked a site above that explains the accents and further research says they tried to do English regal accents so yes "posh" would be a perfect word to describe the accents they tried. The guy failed at it and it's obvious why even try to defend it? Magoo made a good point about the actor , the guy isn't very good that's all there is to it really. I live the show myself but his accent along with others are poor. So your comment about them not trying to do English accents is factually wrong.

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Dudebro902597d ago

Oh boo hoo. Seriously polygon? You will find the smallest thing wrong with any game and somehow spin Into the worst thing ever.

Not to mention how hypocritical your writers are, which makes anything polygon puts up not trustworthy and no one cares.


This article is a joke... Saying Dinklage is "one of the most interesting actors of our time"... Seriously? Usual generic midget hole turns out to have a normal actor, good surprise, but one of the most interesting? Nope.

And a Disneyland Ride have "excitng music"? Sorry, but if you are over 14 (as I belive most gamers are, specially the kind that goes to into gaming news sites) nothing about amusement parks is exciting... In fact, I can't think of much stuff more boring than 2 hours in line, toasting in the sun, surround by people that don't know what deodorant is, soccer octomoms with their army of strollers and annoying uncontrolable kids hitting on your legs, paying 50+ dollars just to get in and you better not be hungry, because everything is overpriced and taste like styrofoam... All of that for 2 or 3 good fake adrenaline rushs that last about 3 minutes each and you wasted A WHOLE DAY. That crap music endlessly blasting through the speakers just make it all that much worse.

I'm not trying to hate on Game Of Thrones or Disneyland here. Really, I ain't, I understand why those things are appealing for the crowd that usually follow 'em. But this is the kind of stuff I would expect to hear from my 12 years old niece (someone who had not lived long enough to fully understand why an actor would be great and how hard it actually is to stand getting them to a freaking amusement park), not from a gaming journalist, unless his speaking to such a crowd.

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