Kaz Hirai Begs Shareholders to Stop Yelling Ridge Racer At Him

Kazuo Hirai’s infamous Ridge Racer shout from 2006 is still haunting him to this day. At the latest Sony shareholders’ meeting, it was reported that Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai had to continually ask hecklers to remain quiet. It was undocumented on what was yelled; however, attendees have said that most of the shouts involved some form of Ridge Racer.

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randomass1712591d ago (Edited 2591d ago )

I feel for the man, but that's actually kind of funny. XD I guess it's like how Gabe Newell gets memes tossed his way a lot.

Cindy-rella2591d ago

lol, glorious. ridge racerrrr. i can't believe that the ps4 was launched without a ridge racer. only sony playstation platform to ever launch without a ridge racer title in the launch window.

i should have a ps4 in a few weeks. i can't wait

randomass1712591d ago

PS4 Ridge Racer would be glorious for sure. I want to see a Sony executive bring that one back to a future E3. :)

randomass1712591d ago

Love the heck out of him. Almost as much as Yoshida. Such great people in the industry. :D

Metallox2591d ago (Edited 2591d ago )

Remember that E3 2006 from Sony? Apart from that Riiiiidgeeeeee Raceeeer thing, we got the game based on true events with giant enemy crabs and the ultra expensive PS3... haha, those were funny times.

F4sterTh4nFTL2591d ago

Riiiiiiiiiidge Racerrrrrrrrrr.