Best Japanese Role Playing Games on PS Vita

Sony’s PS Vita is just as viable for fans of the genre, whether you are looking for modern hits or the classics you enjoyed as a kid. The PS Vita struggles a little bit when keeping up with original content compared to the Nintendo 3DS, but its library is just loaded with so many hits from all ages of gaming’s history, you might not notice.

If you are looking to get a PS Vita or want to break into this long and celebrated genre, here are a few places to get started.

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DualWielding1668d ago

its sad that there are only 2 Vita exclusives on the list, fortunately it looks like new exclusives JRPGs will be coming soon

Whxian1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

problem is p4 golden even though adds a good amount of content is still for the most part a game thats not exclusive, so the only real exclusive on the list is ys celceta.
the extra content is like "exlusive dlc" that you get in games nowadays or like how tales of games that first come to xbox 360 or gamecube as exlusives then get released on ps2/3 with extra content/improvments.

I'm hoping that we will get persona-like quality games in the future, but so far we have had mostly extremely low budget games like mind 0 as exlusives.

3-4-51667d ago

There needs to be LESS 1st Person Dungeon Crawling Demon Hunting RPG's and more RPG's like the PS1/PS2 era.

More Tales of, More Ys, More games like FF:CC or FF9.

* 3rd Person, I want to see more characters, Open World to run around in, but still linear, Likeable Cast, NO ANNOYING Characters, GOOD STORY, Lots of good music, 15+ Towns, Appealing Art Style, lots of content ect...

It's really not that hard or difficult to come up with good ideas, it's the like people in charge of being creative are trying TOO hard and they keep going way overboard into SUPER NICHE territory and scaring off would be customers.

Deny it if you want, but it's mainly true.

RexDD1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

Wow that list is really short. There are way more JRPG's on Vita.