The PS Vita is dead, long live the PS Vita

Anyone who followed this year's E3 can tell you the sad truth: Sony's PS Vita is dead.

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NewMonday2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

they have been saying the Vita is "dead" for years now, but it's still here and getting even more games.

BattleAxe2588d ago

Where did you guys buy your rose coloured glasses? Because I wouldn't mind trying them out just to see how much reality will change.

lunatic00012588d ago

They are mostly all indie games and a couple of games that are already out on consoles or pc...only one game that I'm getting for my vita out of all of those is oddworld...its not dead...but to pretty much sucks but it is...they are just letting it become a PlayStation version of Wii u much potential just fading away

3-4-52588d ago

One Vita gets some " Normal" RPG's it will sell better.

What is has is to niche. Vita will be fine, but an adjustment for which type of games will sell on it needs to be made.

It caters to an audience of about 100,000 gamers, which isn't very smart.

I love my Vita, but I wish it had more games like Fire Emblem, or Final Fantasy Tactics, or more Tales of games, or Ys type games, or maybe a LoZ type games, or possible something like Mario 64, or even like the old FF or DQ games.

Too many First Person Dungeon Crawling DArk Soul Demon BOOB games.

gear2588d ago

Donot consider psvita as a console because it is not it is just like a psp
Psp got its fame in west because it was cracked and we can play pirated games especially if haven't noticed the jrpg games on vita are good on psp and psvita right now the psp jrpg games are being transalated into english eg sol trigger

randomass1712589d ago

The lack of first party support is disappointing, but it has much more support in Japan where it is also selling quite well.

NewMonday2589d ago

first party is working with 3rd party thru"3rd party production" the increases in 3rd party games is mainly due to them, and handhelds have always been about Japanese games, the Vita is a big seller now in Japan and that should bring even more games.

randomass1712589d ago

Yes, I understand that. But Sony's first party franchise have a lot of western success. I would have liked to see a bigger push with those franchises on Vita, not just third parties in Japan.

AaronPS2589d ago

The vita is not dead. If Sony had put more time on the vita at e3, people would have complained as well. The PS4 is their newest console so of course the put the most time on it. There are still lots of games coming. The majority of people who own a vita know how good it is and how great the games are

bothebo2589d ago

Yes there are great games on the Vita but what about the future? Why settle for what we have? Gamescom is their last chance to give us anything significant for the next 12 months other than niche JRPG games, indies (whom I don't care for in most cases), and Freedom Wars.

NovusTerminus2588d ago

Japan makes more then JRPG's...

one2thr2588d ago

And there is, Tokyo Game Show as well and Im expecting to see Gravity Rush/Daze 2 there. Hopefully.

DualWielding2588d ago

They could have talked about vita instead of statistics and tv shows

Jonny5isalive2588d ago

I had vita since launch, they didnt talk about it at e3 in 2012 or 2013 barely. Im waiting on gravity rush 2, thats about it.

swansong2589d ago

If Sony drops the price of the new slim Vita to 169.99 at the same time the console version of minecraft is released for the vita ( maybe a bundle) it could capture a wider audience.

Deadpoolio2588d ago

That ain't gonna happen...Considering they just dropped the price to $200...So if it's still too expensive for people they either need to get a better job, realize that gaming is a want not a need and just not purchase one...OR just not purchase one period, the price ain't going below the already low $200.

dcj05242588d ago

They need to drop the price of the memory cards by 60% or bundle a 16 or 32GB card with 1 game and a year of + for $200.

The memory card prices are retarded.

Scatpants2588d ago

The memory cards are what killed them as it added another huge cost to the already high purchase price. While the 3Ds was both cheaper and more popular.

MajorGecko2588d ago

yah i still refuse to buy a memory card at those prices even tho i game on my vita alot sony can suck it money grabbing mongerers (look at ps now prices)

HakatoX2588d ago

You guys never bought member cards at PSP launch?
200.00 for two gigs


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