Sony refuses to refund people following Last of Us: Remastered price drop

Sometimes, pre-ordering comes at a price as those who pre-ordered The Last of Us: Remastered on PSN found out earlier this evening.

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Kenshin_BATT0USAI2217d ago can they not? The product isn't out yet, therefore no money SHOULD have exchanged hands.

johndoe112112217d ago

When you pre-order a game from the psn store because it's a digital download you must pay for it immediately. They have all the rules and regulations right there for you to read before you make the purchase, it's not in fine print like this article said. It's in your face.

mikeslemonade2217d ago

Nope they sold it to you fair and square

crxss2217d ago

i woudln't worry about it, Sony will do something for those who pre-ordered it at $59.99

guitarded772217d ago

I don't see Sony straight screwing people like this though. I'm pretty certain they will either refund or give compensation in some way. It's beyond the customer service representative's power to do a refund on a complex payment system. They could make it easier, but then there would probably be abuse of the system by some employees.

sonarus2217d ago

While to avoid pr nightmare sure there will be something done. But this is why it's dumb to preorder a game like a yr in advance. I like to put many down and receive my product. But maybe that's just me

guitarded772217d ago

@ sonarus

Absolutely. That's why I pre-order through Amazon. No money down, so there is nothing to lose.

BattleAxe2217d ago

Pre-ordering games is one of the dumbest things you can do anyway. You never get anything substantial from pre-ordering.

georgeenoob2217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )

Sony shouldn't get away with ripping off those who pre-ordered early let alone make a remaster of a game that released less than a year ago. Although I just beat the game two weeks ago and it's awesome, it doesn't need a remaster. It just frickin came out.

And for those saying some PS4 owners never played the game, PS Plus anyone? Seriously, this is a perfect example of Sony trying to release anything they can grasp into.

Halo Collection is way more relevant considering the halo franchise didn't just come out 8 months ago.

Why o why2217d ago

Can't you get a refund then preorder it elsewhere. That might wake em up. The convenience of digital is marred by its pitfalls. This is one of them.

UltraNova2217d ago

George how on earth is a 15 year old game franchise more RELEVANT than one released less than a year ago? this is truly...well you!

randomass1712217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )

There at least needs to be some form of compensation if it cannot be a full blown refund. That isn't fair to the consumer when the game isn't even out yet.

Prototype_79L2217d ago

Thats [email protected], anything i preordered it did not deduct anything from my account untill it actually released. As a matter of fact i preordered The Last of Us for PS3 in last may and they only deducted the actual money from my account when the official release happened around 1:00 a.m.

Just cancel your old pre-order and pre-order it again, as it didnt deduct anything from your account, and wont will till the game actually released. They don't refund anything because they didnt take any money.

Razputin2217d ago

I don't know why you got so many disagrees, when you stated a fact.

Leave this as a lesson. I'm not here to badger, but this is the main reason I do not like digital and only buy digital on good sales.

For PC for example I use websites or sources where I can get my PC games for at least some type of percentage off.

I can't justify especially on the PC spending $50 and on the occasion $60 on a game I won't own.

With physical copies you will at least hold the license till you actually give up the game.

Both Sony and Microsoft want a digital only future to control their products and maximize profits.

sinspirit2217d ago

Customers are supposed to not put money down so easily.

And, no ones given them a chance to actually fix this for people. He just quotes part of the pre-order agreement.

CannonB82217d ago

I've pre-ordered Destiny and when I did, it said my wallet wouldn't be charged until September.
I'm usually very pro-Sony but this is way out of order. The game hasn't even been released yet.
Refunds should be given.

CaptainFaisal2217d ago

Who told you that when you pre order a game on PSN store you must pay for it immediately? I pre ordered Destiny on my PS4 and can cancel at any time. They will take money from my account to pay for the game 1 day before release meaning september 8 2014, and i can pre load the game and play at september 9 .

maddskull2217d ago

when you pre-order something from the psn store. you pay before the game by 2 says i think but that's what happened to me.

Army_of_Darkness2217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )

Say it ain't so Sony, say it ain't so!!!
Tell us tomorrow that the gamers that pre ordered are all gonna get back a $10 credit for the psn store!

elhebbo162217d ago

@why o why yea maybe on console but steam never pulls this type of shit.

geddesmond2217d ago

No. I have pre ordered loads of stuff off the PSN store and everyone of them sent an email to me saying that I just pre ordered, make sure you have such and such amount in your wallet between such and such date, usually a day or two before the game launches.

kreate2217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )


"Pre-ordering games is one of the dumbest things you can do anyway. You never get anything substantial from pre-ordering. "

in general. I agree with u. but sometimes, its better to pre-order.

like killzone2 came with a special download code for a unique outfit on PS Home. that outfit is so valuable it cost like $50 bucks on ebay to buy that code for that outfit.
only if u pre-ordered.

starcraft2 came with a unique pet that u can only get by pre-ordering. the unique pet is to be used in world of warcraft. it is so valuable that it cost like $30 bucks to buy that code for the pet. I believe u can carry this pet on top of ur other pet. but im not a avid wow player. u can also unlock a special skin for I think it was the thor on sc2. might of been the ultralisk. cant remember.

so on and so forth..
never say never!

but about the last of us,im pretty sure sony will give u like a $10-$15 dollar psn code in return or something.

if sony doesn't, we'll get another article on n4g and we can all grumble on that article. I will grumble with u guys even though most of us have nothing to do with this matter.

Rodney252217d ago

This is why I pre-ordered it on Amazon, because you don't pay until it's shipped.

BX812217d ago

i agree. You know how to read. If it says it right there you can't complain. Now if the product didn't work that's different.

Corpser2217d ago

Pretty dumb policy, why can't you get a refund when it's obvious you haven't even downloaded the game. Even The "worst company in America" EA give full refunds

SilentNegotiator2217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )

This is a dumb policy for a dumb system of preordering a game with unlimited copies (digitally).

Let's just call preordering what it is; It's paying for something that isn't finished.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )

Man, that's messed up. This is why I don't preorder.

Btw guys; All I'm saying is that what I said is what 'Ought' to happen. I know concert tickets and whatnot work different, that's because they are a different type of commodity. Games however, especially digital games shouldn't be charging you until you have the product in a usable fashion.

solid_snake36562216d ago

I love sony but some of you fanboys make me sick

k3rn3ll2216d ago

The problem is that they told everyone it would be $60 when it is released. Now its only gonna be 50. So therefore they lied to us when saying it was 60. They better correct or the will get lots of hate. Actually probably not that much because all the die hard sony fans will just say, you should have read the fine print. Which is so stupid. Reminds me of the South Park Ipad episode. Get real you all know they are wrong in this case but your fan boy status wont let you admit it

sic_chops2216d ago

@george one of the reasons it was remastered was because of all those xbox fans that jumped ship this generation that never had the privilegeoof playing the game.

saber000052216d ago

Thus why, I ALWAYS buy the physical disk.

Lifendz2216d ago

Not a fan of this at all. If no refund or price match is done then I guess Sony is telling us not to pre-order from PSN.

christian hour2216d ago


I dunno how it works in other parts of the world but for me on PSN (I'm in ireland) when I preorder something, it doesnt take the funds on me until the release date.

Return_of_the_Mack2216d ago

Sony definitely charges immediately. I pre-ordered Transistor and W_D a couple weeks prior to release(whenever TR went to $30) along with TR on PS4 and I was charged for all of it on the spot. If it's true you can pre-order Destiny without this then that's truly strange.

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DonDon2217d ago

Should at least give back $10 credit. That's the fair thing to do if their policy is no refunds

ovnipc2217d ago

The funny part its that in this site sony its never wrong! Ipocritas! Sony shoukd refund ppl. And if some one pre order at regular price and they dont want to refund the difference call the bank and do a claim. No company should do this. My self I always buy the disk i dont reserve digital unless its steam.

Utalkin2me2217d ago


Maybe you're not reading the comments section. You don't see everyone complaining and suggesting some kind of compensation?

marlinfan102217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )


But come on. Could you imagine how crazy people would be if this was MS? wed be hearing how theyre the most corrupt, selfish company in thr world. All im seeing here is "this isn't like sony" or "I think theyll make it right". I guarantee it wouldn't be like this if it was on xbox

Sm00thNinja2217d ago

@BladeRunner I hope this comment was a joke your everything wrong with N4G if not! This is just bad business I'm CERTAIN SONY will refund the $10 credit soley for all the backlash. I just preordered Infamous First Light, didn't know about the instant charge. You are right in one regard people need to read the fine print, but blind fanboyism is no need to excuse and accept bad business.

SilentNegotiator2217d ago


So even when everyone disagrees with Sony, you fanboys still complain about TEH HYPOCRIZYZ? Are you TRYING to look stupid?

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nicksetzer12217d ago

IDK how they can not return the money for a product that isn't even out. This is why I don't preorder things though. I just wait for a b2g1 sale right after all the games come out in october.

Kribwalker2217d ago

They can't return the money because they have already spent it. They need to get the money to money hat exclusive timed content and games from somewhere

jidery2217d ago

I remember when my account got hacked, and someone charged $150 onto my account. It took over a month to get that money back, and I had to talk to many managers before things even got rolling.

Riderz13372217d ago

How would money have exchanged hands? It's a DIGITAL pre order. Soon as you purchase it the funds get taken out of your PSN account.

TekoIie2217d ago

You know what you get for pre-ordering a game?

Blade Runner2216d ago

@Tekolie. EXACTLY!!! So stop pre-ordering games people. Or just keep pre-ordering games and get a big @#$# in your mouth because that is how you get a big @#$$ in your mouth. LOL!!!

GamerzElite2217d ago

These peoples are dumb, They should cancel pre-order and do new pre-order. By the way PSN does not charge at the time of pre-order, They charge money 1-3 days before game release.

Azzanation2217d ago

Sony cant afford to refund, that's why.

MrBeatdown2217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )

Yet they can afford to drop the price of the game from $60 to $50 for everyone else.

Sounds like you really thought that one through.

Azzanation2216d ago


Don't be mad, I honestly couldn't care less about Sonys problems.

lelo2217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )

"Sony refuses to refund people following Last of Us: Remastered price drop"

If this is true, then it's quite a sh*tty attitude from Sony's part.

BTW preordering a game is stupid, specially a digital game.

randomass1712217d ago

Agreed on both accounts. If the game isn't out yet, I don't see why they can't refund it or at least give $10 credit to those who paid $60.

MonsterChef2217d ago

Read the article, the title was just titled that for click bait, I'm sure Sony will change thier stance on giving people a refund on this game, people here are just taking an opportunity to bash the most popular next Gen console, it's to be expected I see way to many familiar names, hey George hey truefan nothing going on over there at Xbox I see

Picnic2217d ago

Have you never booked a ticket for an event? You pay for the ticket straight away. Pre-ordering a product is the same. They don't wait until it's out (although of course they would refund you if it never came out).

Picnic2217d ago

To the disagreers- nothing I said is wrong (at least in the UK). And it wasn't meant to imply that Sony shouldn't refund those who wish to be refunded either - see a separate post from me in this thread for that.

KeeseToast2217d ago

Yeah but Sony can't went out off digital copies, while an event has a limited amount of tickets.

SniperControl2217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )

Amazon UK dont charge your card until the day the game is shipped, regardless the age of the pre-order, cinema tickets are different.

Same goes for digital purchases, i pre-ordered The Last of Us on PS3 about 3 months before release, my card was not charged until the day before release.

Fanboys making a mountain out of a molehill.

PsylentKiller2217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )

Buying a video game, especially a digital game, is much different than buying a ticket at a concert. The concert is a timed event that happens at a specific place and time. Your ticket is a placeholder for your specific seat. Therefore, the money must exchange hands somewhat immediately. Sometimes you do have a grace period to receive a refund but it's most likely only a few days if any.

A video game can be sold anywhere at anytime and digital games are of unlimited supply. There is no special copy made especially for you. All the copies created are the same for all who buy them. So, if a refund was requested, the game is still useable. Sony is not gonna say "Oh crap! Another refund, now we have to throw this digital copy in the garbage". Yes they may have lost a sale but the more likely scenario is that they will not have to refund anything because they will charge everyone $50. Even those that preordered. This is possible because the money that people paid to Sony for the preorder was never taken out of their account. They still have that money until the day before release.

That is why you got your disagrees. And if I'm not mistaken, in the UK, digital items are now refundable There was an article on N4G about it not too long ago.

TekoIie2217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )


If your going to use analogies at the very least try to draw a correlation between booking a ticket for this "event" (nice of you to use such a vague description) and pre-ordering a piece of software to show how they are similar.

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Mr Pumblechook2217d ago

If Sony reduce the price of a game that has been available for pre-order before the game actually is released, then they should reduce the price for everyone including the people who preordered at the higher price.

AMZSS2217d ago

It seems legal , but this is not consumer friendly from Sony's part .
Anyway why would anyone pre-order a digital game , which doesn't runout of a store , and comes with no pre-order incentives .

liquidhalos2217d ago

People shouldn't preorder. There really is no point aside from the crappy dlc they tack on as a preorder incentive. I can see this becoming another avenue to scam gamers. Higher preorder rate, drop price with zero refunds

Tetsujin2217d ago

This is why I wait to pre-order for situations like this to NOT occur. I also pre-order from stores because if the price(s) did get adjusted I can at least talk to the store directly and see what can be done.

OpenGL2217d ago

I was always suspicious of pre-ordering games on PSN due to the full price nature and paying $60 up front for a game that won't be out for months but this is truly ridiculous.

KinjoTakemura2217d ago

First of all why would anyone pre-order a "DIGITAL" game when you can pre-order a physical copy which you can sell, trade, or give away. When you pre-order a digital game the "Playstation Store warns you before you complete the purchase that there are no refunds." Maybe now those who are whining will get out of the house, get some sunshine, and go buy a physical copy of the game from now on.

paradigmfellow2217d ago

Another reason why I hate digital downloads.

Blade Runner2217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )


Dasteru2217d ago

Not sure about in the US, but in Canada, a sale isn't considered legally final until both the money and the item have changed hands. If the game wasn't playable by the purchaser at the time of the price drop, Sony is legally required to refund the difference. Refusing to do so is fraud.

Skizelli2217d ago

Microsoft doesn't do it. Valve doesn't do it. What makes people think Sony will do it?

Skizelli2216d ago

Well I'll be damned, they're doing it. Color me impressed.