16Bit Assassins – Episode 86: It's A Poncho Invasion

Ladies and Gentlemen, it's another Thursday night, and another Thursday night show, not only do the 16Bit Assassins have some things to talk about, but we also have two special guests. Joining us from Switchblade Monkeys, the studio behind the twin stick shooter Secret Ponchos, are Creative Director Yousef Mapara, and Sound Designer Chris Gillrie to talk about their game and the excitement of early access. Also on this episode Dunny talks some Destiny, we find out Nintendo has the backing of Ubisoft, but only if they get a bigger fan base, Alien Isolation, has some meat, and the Batman Vs Superman movie gets it's Aquaman. On this episode we also take a look at Ubisoft's "It's too hard" problem, and talk about Youtubers impact on traditional game journalism, all this and more on Episode 86, It's a Poncho Invasion.

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