Could Destiny's PvP Become the Next Big Thing?

Destiny's alpha is closed, but the PvP has left a lasting impression. Tom Powter wonders if it could become the next big thing online...

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showtimefolks1670d ago

I am only interested in the single player which i hope is long and good like mass effect series mixed in with borderlands

Septic1670d ago

Yeah after playing the Alpha, I think the PVP element will be a distraction to main attraction and that's the pve stuff.

The MP component is solid but it seems quite basic. Im sure it will have a decent community though. I'll wait for the final version to reserve judgment.

showtimefolks1670d ago

no doubt, more power to those who enjoy PVP but for me destiny has my interest because its trying to mix 2 games i really liked last gen. Borderlands and mass effect

but with bungie's twist and knowledge of rewarding FPS action

can't wait to finally play this

i really hope the loot system is rewarding

sGIBMBR1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

After finishing the story etc. I'm guessing the whole point of Destiny is to find better gear to take into PVP like with most MMO games?

I played the Alpha solid for 3 days, and the MP does feel quite competitive, which is right up my alley. After adjusting to the game from playing nothing but BF4 (MP FPS wise) since the PS4 came out, this is going to be a very good change of pace for me. I loved Halo 3 & Reach MLG playlists, and I really miss a good competitive shooter.

BattleAxe1670d ago

I'm looking for some competitive Halo style gameplay on my PS3. Nothing like closing out the PS3 era with a Bungie game :D

No_Limit1670d ago

I really think this game has a chance to be a very big IP. The fact that each planet/moon is the size of Reach is very exciting as it will offer tons of value and possibilities.

josephayal1670d ago

well, won't be the video game messiah like call of duty but Of course they will succeed, it's bungie btw

Ank6661670d ago

It's really great & awesome

But it'll need at least a 16 player count to make a huge impact
12 player feels empty in large moon map

showtimefolks1670d ago

i agree with you on that, many FPS games give you huge maps but short player count. I was playing GTA online and huge world yet so very limited number of players

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The story is too old to be commented.