Hey Nintendo, You Should Make More HD Remastered Games for Wii U

CraveOnline: "As with a lot of things, Nintendo was late to the party with HD remasters; while Sony introduced the God of War Collection in 2009, it wouldn't be until late 2013 that we would see The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD. That delay in response would be partially made up for by Wind Waker HD being arguably the best remaster the world has ever seen, but the point still stands that while Sony has introduced dozens of remasters and collections, Nintendo has missed a golden opportunity."

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jc485732593d ago

Fatal Frame 2 and 4 HD should be their number 1 game on the list.

knifefight2593d ago

Followed by Majora's Mask.

Metallox2593d ago

Nintendo has already re-launched many games, but in my honest and useless opinion, they shouldn't do that.

mydyingparadiselost2593d ago

Yesyesyesyesyesyesyes, THIS is what I want. I would even take it a step further and hope for a remaster of the entire series, if that's even possible. Such under appreciated games and great entries in the survival horror genre.

Foolsjoker2593d ago

Where is our Eternal Darkness remake?

jc485732592d ago

I like how you use the word "remake" instead of remaster.

admiralvic2593d ago

"As with a lot of things, Nintendo was late to the party with HD remasters"

The funny thing is that Nintendo was actually one of the first to do them. Perhaps not in the literal "HD" sense, though they did a number of remakes with improved graphics, such as Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green, Super Mario All-Stars, Super Mario 64 DS, OoT 3D, Star Fox 64 3D and many more.

Anyway, I would rather they didn't. I would much prefer new experiences to improved previous experiences, though I would't object to a remaster every now and then.

admiralvic2593d ago

Like I said, "I wouldn't object to a remaster every now and then." I just don't want to see 5+ remasters a year.

DonDon2593d ago

Because they could be using those other teams to make new games. I'd like a Majora's Mask remake but only if the remaster team had nothing else they wanted to make. I want new games, pronto. Where the hell is the new Metroid?

ChickeyCantor2593d ago

"Because they could be using those other teams to make new games. "

It's called outsourcing. Same thing they did with OOT 3ds

paulcek2593d ago

Of course they're late with HD Remasters....the Wii U was their first HD console.

Nintendo has been doing other remakes for a long time though.

Still I'd rather them focus their resources on new stuff, and then maybe have outside developers or smaller teams take care of remakes and remasters. I think developers have more fun making new things anyway.

randomass1712593d ago

I could see Nintendo utilizing one of their smaller teams to bring out one HD remaster every couple of years or so. F-Zero GX is long overdue for a remake/sequel with online multiplayer.

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The story is too old to be commented.