Project Morpheus Has a “Long List of Waiting Developers,” Sony Can’t Nail Down Price Just Yet

Some of these developers are no doubt indie studios, with Yoshida saying, “I just love in general the whole spirit of treating it like independent game development. We have this piece of hardware that is not fully done or named and we don’t have a release date, but we’re trying it out, getting people’s feedback on it.” Of course, there’s also going to be a lot of people making games for the Oculus VR who port their titles to Project Morpheus, and Shuhei explained just how easy that will be.

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2591d ago
XiSasukeUchiha2590d ago

Damn Sony tech wizards, creating magic where ever they go, and whatever they touch and the developers list is over 9000!

MWH2590d ago

in case one wonders how a suck up sounds like.

zeee2590d ago

^ seriously?

Ot: I hope the price is affordable for mas market. Can't wait!

amiga-man2590d ago

Morpheus is the ace up Sony's sleeve, there are a lot of people including myself that are eager to try it and if it works as well as everyone seems it does it really could be a huge step forward for gaming

morganfell2590d ago

It's nice to see there will be no shortage of Morpheus titles which will in typical Sony fashion cut across all genres and all levels from indies to AAA blockbusters, from Sony owned studios to 3rd party titles.


You spend a lot of time insulting other people. Your post above, and incidents such as this seem to be the norm:

For someone whose own post history proves they are not immune to product worship, you often hurry to point out this action by others as if it is a shortcoming. What does that tell us how you think of yourself?

MWH2590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

like everybody, I have thoughts and opinions, sometimes they are positive and sometimes they're negative depending on my condition and perception, I can be right and I can also be wrong.

I'm no angel and definitely I'm no demon. you, on the other hand, I don't know what you are and I don't care.

morganfell2590d ago

You care or else you wouldn't have responded. My opinion of you mattered enough you felt you needed to defend yourself. I guess you find it unpleasant when people speak about you rather than the game. I think the phrase about dishing it out and taking it would apply here.

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KakashiHotake2590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

I'm very excited for project Morphous. If they can just nail down the right price this could be the next big thing. While it may not be appealing to everyone at 1st glance, it looks to be one of those word of mouth type of trends. Meaning you won't really appreciate until you try it for yourself. You try it over a friends place or at gamestop and just have to have it.

mkis0072590d ago

I think that Oculous catering to Pc and Morpheus to Ps4 creates a great ecosystem for both to thrive in.

There isn't enough popularity in them for a full competition to start yet.

MasterCornholio2590d ago

Price it right and it will succeed.

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