The Awesomepocalypse is Near; These are the 3 Rules Of Sunset Overdrive

This year after the E3 press conferences, The Game Fanatics caught up with Sunset Overdrive’s Creative Director, Marcus Smith, and Lead Designer, Drew Murray, who spent some time giving us some insight Insomniac’s first open-world adventure.

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showtimefolks1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

I hope this game becomes Multi-platform after the first game(since insomniac owns the IP). There are a lot of playstation fans who Love Insomniac and grew up with their games. I wish sony had treated them better, they were always treated as the unwanted child

but i also hope with sunset overdrive insomniac really gets their Mojo back.

just don't have time for 2 consoles anymore with family and job. but i may have to get my friend's xbox one to play this.


I am not understating your question? If this is what you are asking

Than i have a job that doesn't allow me enough time to play games, i play maybe 10 hours per month(if that). I own a ps4 so if i buy another consoles i really won't have time for it.

My wife surly won't like the fact i bought another(she thinks 10 hours on ps4 per month are too much LOL)

so i for one can justify buying another consoles.

I usually take my time, i buy games at launch than they sit for a long time before i get to them(i know i shouldn't buy at full price when buying later could save big bucks. But if its my favorite series or developer than i feel like i should support them)

air11583d ago

How does owning 2 consoles get in the way of family and a job? Especially if you have time to get your friends?

Bigpappy1583d ago

You are talking to a bunch of guys who don't even have a girl friend, let alone a family to support. What you said makes a world of sense to me and I am sure you know which console I bought. Its the one that has Kinect.

showtimefolks1583d ago


lol its OK. i have other priorities besides just gaming. Don't really want to spend another $400 plus and pay for xblive just to play few games.

in my younger days i had every console(good old days lol)

Good night

memots1583d ago

please dont start hyping this game like title was .. please i beg you.

I love insomniac i have almost all their games and still looking for a Fuse disc cheap i want to try it.
But please no more overhyping a game simply because its going on one console vs the other.

JBSleek1583d ago

Or people could be hyping the game because they are generally just excited for the game and not because it's exclusive.

memots1583d ago

That i can totally agree.

The reason i bring up titanfall is all this fanboy hyping killed the game for me and left me not wanting to hear about it ever again. I recently passed on a 50% sale on origin because of that.

It was so bad that every other articles on n4g was about it and how it was the e3 winner /console seller/have you seen it/Top 10 kill/best fps evaaar, it was simply never ending.

DigitalRaptor1583d ago

There's a lot of "cringe" going on with the marketing of this game, but it sure does look fun as heck.