Super Smash Bros. Bundle Now Available For Pre-Order

Fans can now pre-order the Super Smash Bros. Bundle from GameStop, which includes: the game, a special controller, and the GameCube Adapter for Wii U.

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Geobros1673d ago

Wow!!! I would buy one :o

Metallox1673d ago

I'm definitely buying one. I lost all my GameCube controllers :(

randomass1711673d ago

Odd. I think this may have been available for a while. Or my local Gamestop clerk was just awfully nice to me. He let me pre-order this a couple of day after Smash fest.

3-4-51673d ago

I still have a GC controller that is basically brand new but I want the Smash one + adapter so this is actually a good deal.

secretcode1673d ago

It's... been available for a while now. I got mine preordered last Tuesday.

Blackleg-sanji1673d ago

Had this preordered for like a week now -_-

Fel081673d ago

Got one. Damn, now the waiting game begins.