Bungie embraces the bad. Now selling 'That Wizard came from The Moon' shirts for Destiny

GameZone: "That Wizard came from The Moon." That line, spoken by Peter Dinklage, will forever be how we remember the Destiny First Look Alpha. Seriously, it will be -- that's because Bungie has created a commemorative t-shirt featuring that painful line.

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brbobcat1579d ago

At least they can laugh about it. Now fix it. Awful, just awful.

-Foxtrot1579d ago

They better bloody fix if they show they acknowledge the problem.

Either get Peter back in to redo his lines or get someone else to do the voice like John Noble or Sean Bean.

Sorry but this whole "Well he is an AI" excuse is getting on my nerves since these are the same people who created Cortana, a well developed, AI full of personality and emotion.

For 500 million spent on this game you would want an amazing, memorable performance.

Pozzle1578d ago

Exactly. I hate that "he's an emotionless AI" is used as an excuse for bad voice acting, because there have been many emotionless AI characters in the past who have had memorable and good performances. Just look at HAL-9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey. He's as emotionless and blank as a machine can be, yet he is still considered a memorable character because his distant, non-human delivery is chilling. You get a sense of his "personality" (for lack of a better word) and his potential threat to the protagonist before he even does anything note-worthy in the movie.

And there's a difference between "emotionless AI" and "bored guy" and sadly Peter Dinklage in Destiny sounds more like the latter. Though I'm not blaming him for it because he has done good voice-work in the past. Even great actors like Troy Baker and Nolan North can give subpar performances when the script and voice-direction is lousy.

Hopefully this is just an example of the alpha not representing the final game.

tack1291578d ago

I can't argue that his performance in the Alpha. He sounds really bored.

I did rewatch the E3 2014 trailer. They added some form of filter to his voice and it sounds much better.

I'm not blaiming the acting rather it seems like poor writing/directing is more to blame.

fenome1578d ago (Edited 1578d ago )

Peter Dinklage is a phenomenal actor, but the voice in the alpha was underwhelming at best and none of his personal charm showed through at all. I know he was probably going off of ques and suggestions (being told how to sound), and maybe filters could help, but I'd prefer they got him back in the studio and reread his lines completely. Hell, they could use the money they make on these shirts to pay him for it. I'd buy one if it was going towards that goal.

I want more Dinklage in my Ghost!
(that sounded kind of weird and dirty, but whatever, just go with it. lol)

The whole 'He's just an AI' doesn't fly with me either. You ever listened to Claptrap? Sure, somtimes you just wanna blast him with a bazooka just to shut him up, but you can't deny his personality.

BillmadeAGate1578d ago

Dinklage is an amazing actor, its a alpha beta so im almost 100% sure everything we seen isnt finalised.. Just tweak the voice an make give him more emotion.. An tbh I hardly notice how dull that scene was until I rewatched it lol

rdgneoz31578d ago

Listen to his voice in the alpha vs the E3 trailer. The trailer sounds a lot better.

McScroggz1578d ago (Edited 1578d ago )

I really hope that Dinklage's VO in the Destiny Alpha was just a placeholder for him speaking in his normal, English accent. Either that, or they add on filters to give the voice more character.

I love me some Dinklage, but the lines in the Alpha reeeeaaaally fell flat.

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SaveFerris1578d ago

I support Bungie in choosing Peter Dinklage for the voice of the AI, and this is just an Alpha after all. Just as Bungie improves the game, the actor can potentially improve their performance as well.

For a normal, English accent, how about Tom Baker?

ironfist921578d ago

Forced meme is forced. I dont understand whats so funny or iconic about it. Its sad really.

Mexxan1578d ago

I like the Dink, but you need to aim higher - I guess the voice of HAL would be out of the question now though. He did sound better in the E3 presentation.