Borderlands 2 Vita Update Out Today, Improved Stability and Control

We were promised an update this week and they delivered - patch v1.04 will be available for Borderlands 2 on PlayStation Vita today (in both North America and Europe).

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MadameBiscuit2597d ago

Sounds like a great update.

MeterBreak2597d ago

For anyone wondering, there's exactly what the patch updates (I know it's in the article as well):

-Improved performance for bloodshot Stronghold
-Added option to invert gyro controls
-Added horizontal and vertical scaling options for rear touch pad
-Addresses audio crash
-Addressed an issue where players were not notified that their online session had expired, which caused players to appear available for multiplayer

ninjahunter2597d ago

Hmm, wonder what frame rate sanctuary runs at now.

irishyort2597d ago

probably at the same rate it was before?? Great for a handheld!

I'm still confused about all these issues I keep hearing about. The only place I had it freeze is the Bloodshot Stronghold until I let it load up before proceeding in there the 3rd time after reading up on the problem online.

It's rarely choppy at all and totally bareable and playable. In fact plays better than my Fallout 3 does on my friends PS3.

The FPS argument still makes no sense whatsoever considering we were all enjoying Goldeneye and Perfect Dark on our N64 not that many years ago and nobody complained about frame rate back then. Game is fun, like the old ones were, stop complaining and just enjoy playing it.

stavrami-mk22597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

Like you I was also as I had no issue at the start. although I have been really enjoying it the last 2 weeks have been a nightmare 1,2 sometimes 3 freezes a day. I wouldn't knock it off the score though and I would still give it an 8.5. It's more irritating than a game breaker

Beetey2597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

Sorry man, but I really see no way that you can call santuary's framerate "great." I mean, I doubt it ever goes over 15 FPS and often drops below 10.

I personally am really disappointed with this patch. I can survive the poor framerate, but the crashes every hour or so are killer, and it doesn't sound like this has been addressed. Hopefully, we will see more patches in the future that are more focused on the game's performance.

MadameBiscuit2596d ago

Whilst the framerate in Sanctuary is indeed pretty poor, I can't say I've ever had the game crash on me.

TheGrimReaper00112596d ago

I mostly agree, altough I will say I'm having a lot of problems in Sancturary.

I gues it's the many npc's? But I barely had any problems during the final fight =/ Odd

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Fixay2597d ago

Can anyone give any info about the update?

Was going to pick this up and if the update really has improved things then I think I'll grab it a bit sooner

stavrami-mk22597d ago

Tbh I had no issues till over 30hrs in read my comment above for what I think of it :-)

Beetey2597d ago

It doesn't sound like it helped a lot.

I would still suggest you pick the game up (especially if you've never played BL2) but don't expect a perfect game. The framerate is typically pretty poor (in general, expect it to run around 20-25 FPS) but it is still very playable. The other main issue is crashes that occur WAAAY too often. However, the game saves pretty regularly, so you usually don't lose more than 5 minutes or so (being moved back to the start of a location is much worse than the item/exp loss).

I know the above may sound bad, but I've already put 100+ hours into this version and am still enjoying it. If you can get past these issues (which will hopefully be addressed in a later update) the game is a gem.

Scatpants2597d ago

It's only crashed on me once. I've only played like 10 hours on it though. I think it plays fine. I feel it got a bad rap in the reviews.

Kirnisorey2597d ago

Now if they would just add adhoc this would be the definitive version IMO

xX1NORM1Xx2597d ago

Hey can anyone confirm this helped I don't have it and am seeing mixed reviews I have played the game never got any dlc and never actually finished it cause my coop partner completed it on his own after we played coop 75% of the game kinda killed it for me but I'm going on holiday for a week and I'm not a fan of the beach and the clubs so I was thinking of grabbing it to take with me it's £20 and that seems like a steal

RexDD2597d ago

It is a steal. I say, buy it. I know people who have finished the game and never encountered problems. I played it myself and it's playable.

irishyort2597d ago

It's great. Just keep in mind it's on a handheld and also download the patches before you go away.

For safety, every time you go into a new area from either loading or when you see the save icon wait 2 or 3 seconds max and let the textures load in. This will prevent 99% of potential freezes. A small price to pay for a great game on handheld.

Just had 3 midgets, a badass goliath and 2 maureders attacking me at once, with no noticeable slowdown. Don't let the reduced enemys sway you away either.

Great game - on handheld. If you are a Borderlands fan, grab it for some on the go fun.

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