Forgotten Video Game Companies That Need To Return

GameSaga writes: "As the years goes by in the video game industry, many companies either go out of business, get bought out by someone else, or just stop making games for whatever reason that may be. Whether they were former big names like Atari or Acclaim, or smaller lesser know studios like Quintet or Technōs, surely there is a video game company that used to be around that you wish would come back in some form. So here is a look at five video game companies that deserve a comeback."

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Geobros2890d ago

Great article here!! I am missing Quintet and Tradewest as well. Actraiser 1 and Plok are my favorite games.

mydyingparadiselost2890d ago

I just played through Actraiser again, even years later it's still a great game with a unique premise. Too bad the sequel was just a ho hum platformer.

3-4-52890d ago

Ahh Tradewest made Indy Heat, one of the best racing games for NES.

Relientk772890d ago

Damn I miss Quest

Tactics Ogre is amazing

jc485732890d ago

I'm pretty sure there are more obscure studios out there.

gamesaga2890d ago

Thanks for the feedback everyone. The intent of the article was not to focus on the most obscure ones, but some of my personal favorites and lesser known ones. Yes they might not be as lesser known as some, but like I said, this is not about the "most" obscure.

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The story is too old to be commented.