2 Easy Tools That Massively Improve Your Steam Summer Sale Experience

GG3 is tired of running the gauntlet in the Steam Summer Sale's many pages. So, here are just 2 things that can be used that makes the sale much more enjoyable, without any of the annoyance.

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JBSleek3204d ago

So far spent $120 and have 11 games so far. God I love Steam.

Razputin3204d ago

Thats horrible lmao.

So you've paid an estimated $10.10 for each game.

I have to get at least 20-30 games for that much. Last year I spent nearly $200, but I've gotten my library to over 1k games.

JBSleek3204d ago

Well I already have the small indie titles. I bought games like Dead Rising 3 which is more money.

Daavpuke3204d ago

It's not about racking up games, it's about enjoying those you get.

Razputin3204d ago

I have some nice indie titles as well, but I have a lot of major titles too.

I'm still a bit hesitant on buying Dead Rising 3. I'll see how that goes and what news arises come say July or August before I pre-order that. It will always be around so no hurry.

I have the latest titles too, Watch Dogs, Wolfenstein, Killer is Dead, just some that have been released very recently. But I can't buy too many games at such a high price. When you as the other guy said want to enjoy them.

I put 40 hours into Wolfenstein alone, and thats a single player game. Watch Dogs I already have 30.

amazinglover3204d ago

Buddy came over the other day and wanted to see Skyrim with all my mods and GTA 4 with the icehancer mod running which blew his mind, then he asked if i had any other games told him to open steam and he saw all my games and said this must have cost thousands told him no only a few hundred dollars to buy everything. Got all GTA game's for like 15 all together. We are now building him his first ever gaming rig I love steam and all their sales even if I only play skyrim and civ.

christrules00413204d ago

Jeeze. So far I've Bought Dead Rising 3 for around 37, state of decay for $5, Both Amnesias for $7 and I'm waiting to see if I can get The Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim Legendary Edition, Bioshock triple pack, Fallout 3 GOTY edition and Fallout New Vegas Ultimate edition for under $10 each.

3-4-53204d ago

I bought Awesomenauts earlier.

I had it for Xbox 360 years ago.

I'd forgotten how awesome this game is.

So many more characters now. When I played there were 6 I think.

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Software_Lover3204d ago

hmmm, interesting to say the least. I get confused sometimes because I can't remember what DLC I have and what I don't have.

tanookisuit3204d ago

If you click a specific game in your library, and press (I THINK) "View Add-ons" it will tell you which you have.

Or, if you visit the game's store page, it should also tell you which you DLC you own.

TheWackyMan3204d ago

Steam needs to stop these mega sales, my wallet can't take much more and my backlog is enormous. ;_;

mkis0073204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

seriously...huge fricken backlog dating back to Darksiders...1

amazinglover3204d ago

I feel you I have around 500 games and I only play Civ 5 and Skyrim.

bigboirock3204d ago

There hasn't been any good games so far compared to last year

achmetha3204d ago

never heard of this extension or website, thanks. super useful tools.

uth113204d ago

just made my first Steam purchase for Don't Starve + Reign of Giants and I can't even run it :(

XiYakushijuAkeginuXi3204d ago

This website is good to allow anyone to see if their pc can run the games


You should invest in upgrading your PC because Don't Starve, from what I understand, did not "look" too demanding; far from it

uth113204d ago

The problem was they sent me to the download page to install Steam (Linux) and it gave me 403: Forbidden error. Couldn't download it. Worse it looked like they wanted to send me an Ubantu file. I run something else.

Good news is I did a search, and found out I can install the steam app for my Linux through a different means. They should really explain that to you when you click the download page!

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