How No Man’s Sky Reignited The Console War

No Man’s Sky may be the killer app for the next couple of years of gameplay, and that’s really unfortunate for some gamers.

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Axios23149d ago

Might want to refer to the quote from the other article:

"We're not currently talking about an Xbox One version of No Man's Sky, only that No Man's Sky will make its console debut on PS4," the developer told me when I pushed for an update this afternoon.

vega2753149d ago (Edited 3149d ago )

We all know its coming to xbox one. If ot wasnt sony would have said exclusive not exclusive console debut. Even though I have a ps4 I'll wait for the xbox 1 version or just get it on pc.

Edit: first do you know it will take a year to come out on the xbox 1. Even if it is the case I have a pc and it will release at the same time as the ps4 version. Which is why I said or "I'll just get the pc version".

Right now im still debating if im going to keep the ps4. Only game im interested in is deep down which was the main reason I brought the system. Now its up in the air if its even coming to this side of the world and the indie games and F2P games I already play on my pc like DC universe, planetside 2 and warframe. So why do I need the ps4 for again

DanteVFenris6663149d ago (Edited 3149d ago )

Wait if you have a ps4 why would you wait most likley a year for the xone version? Which won't be any better, plus it's not really online so no "my friends are on my xbox". I don't see why you'd wait to get it on xone

Edit: no one pays money for exclusive to have it less for a year, plus there indie it wouldn't cost that much. No way would they just do a month. Well if your a PC gamer then what reason would you need the xone? Sell both. I personally like the console experience, but if you like your mouse and keyboard all power to you.

sinspirit3149d ago

"Exclusive console debut". Sounds like it could be coming out on PS4 and then PC later. AKA console exclusive.

If it were simply a timed exclusive it would say "exclusive debut". There would be no need to say "exclusive console debut". And in any e3, ever, they'd simply say "coming first to PlayStation" if it were first on PS4 and then other platforms. But, saying "exclusive console debut" sounds more like first on PS4 and then just PC.

Of course, I could be wrong. But, what I said is more thought out than all the journalists rushing to say it means "timed exclusive" when that has yet to be established and is just a quick thought.

Oh, and if it were coming to XBox later on don't you think Hello Games would just clarify that? They'd be ignoring potential buyers.

Sabo3149d ago (Edited 3149d ago )

"Wait if you have a ps4 why would you wait most likley a year for the xone version?"

Trying to understand a persons extreme console bias could make someone's head explode...

Speak_da_Truth3149d ago

You buy the ps4 for one game and you talk about games that are on Pc the turn right around and say you will wait for the xbone version which we all know will be inferior in some way to the Ps4 version. Sir you don't deserve to own a Ps4 go right ahead and sell it. You clearly don't have a purpose it.

jmac533149d ago

Hello games is a tiny team. You might be looking at a year or more before there is an X1 version. I'm guessing its going to be PS4 first followed up by the PC version.

BlackTar1873149d ago

Don't feed the troll.

it's a very obvious troll attempt.

only 2 people would exhibit his behavior with buying a console for something he(could be a she) never planned on playing for over a year after release....... err 3

1. his mom buys his stuff for him
2. he's so rich he just buys stuff (can work hand and hand with parents money)
3. he's just straight up lying to fit his troll in without being 100% transparent.

vega2753149d ago

Last gen when ps3 had the inferior port you guys was still running out buying them when 360 had the better version. Yet I didnt see anyone complain about gamers buying a inferior port. But now its a problem. Wow just wow

I brought the ps4 thinking there would be more games that would interest me. Nothing at This point has. All I see is indie games which I either already own on my pc or is coming to it and has the better version. So speak da truth. I dont have a purpose for it.

BlackTar1873149d ago


Go away if all you're going to do is troll. your comment history shows the person you are.

jmac533149d ago

So you are going to wait for the 720p version on Xbox One. That makes sense.

younglj013149d ago

Hold on you brought an PS4 just for Deep Down without any release date?

"Now its up in the air if its even coming to this side of the world and the indie games and F2P games I already play on my pc like DC universe, planetside 2 and warframe."

Okay now tell me way spend $400 on an item when it seems like you really don't need it? I don't think you have an PC or PS4 because your statement/comment is contradiction. But I'm not going to disagree because you seem very confuse already...

3149d ago
iDadio3149d ago

I smell complete BS, see straight through the terrible troll attempt.

SmokingMonkey3149d ago

"so why do need the PS4 for again?"
To play GOTY conteders like Uncharted 4 silly!

Also you you should pick up The Last of Us Remasted 7/29 it had over 200 GOTY nominations and over 40 10/10 perfect scores!

....see what I did there?

DevilOgreFish3148d ago (Edited 3148d ago )

If this game turns out to be good, i'll consider the pc version. sometime when a deal of it pops up. they're just too many games to play these days on PC.

Magicite3148d ago

You bought PS4 only for the game with unconfirmed release date and now You complain?

harrisk9543148d ago


"Wait if you have a ps4 why would you wait most likley a year for the xone version?"

Because he doesn't have a PS4.


You're full of s**t you know you're not going to wait and get it on the X1 IF it ever comes to X1 so that's just a ridiculous statement. You also have the PS4 for the best versions of 3rd party games as well so why lie and make a ludicrous statement like that get real.

JMyers3148d ago

So you'll "wait" for the X1 version, even though you supposedly own a PS4? Not like the X1's version will be better...

No logic to your claim

GamersHeaven3148d ago

Feel sorry for you sound like a casual gamer to me.

TheSaint3148d ago

'Even though I have a ps4'

'F2P games I already play on my pc like DC universe, planetside 2 and warframe. So why do I need the ps4 for again'

Then why did you BUY a PS4?????

DigitalRaptor3148d ago (Edited 3148d ago )

Sorry, but, we don't KNOW it's coming to the Xbone.

When pressed by IGN about exclusivity, Sean Murray said they were super excited about a PC version, but said nothing about an Xbone version.

Shahid Ahmad of Sony signed this game to PS4 as a console exclusive debut knowing it was ambitious and has the potential to land a big mark on the industry. It will make its name on PS4, and be known as a super ambitious game that Sony had the gall to support and promote, from the little engine that could.

Plus, Sony no longer calls games exclusive if they may not end up being exclusive. They've been burned by that before, just like they've been burned by announcing release dates for games that won't meet them. This port begging needs to stop.

And vega275, you're the same troll with a duplicate account (vega75), that was trolling on PS3 last gen, and you obviously haven't changed.

HollywoodLA3148d ago

Technically we don't know that. We can only speculate.

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Sabo3149d ago (Edited 3149d ago )

Funny how much some people want an indie game now, after so much bashing of indies.... strange

Zhipp3149d ago

This is a very special Indie game, lol.

Sabo3149d ago

Must be, I haven't seen anyone downplay it as being indie yet. But the night is young.

jmac533149d ago

Yeah, I don't hear any "Indiestation" taunts when it comes to this game.


Right. According to xbox fans "indie games aren't games" so which is it? Hypocrisy on this site is f*****g astronomical.

Evilsnuggle3148d ago (Edited 3148d ago )

Most the gamers that bash indie game are BRO box call of dutyheads FPS junkies . Most people who bash indie game don't even understand what a indie game is . They think that indie game are all small studios or not AAA game or developers . CD project red and double fine are both Independent studios . indie has more to do with the funding of the game than the sizes of the studios or game .

below is a indie that looks amazing to me

user56695103148d ago

im pretty sure ps fanboy and xb fanboys use to downplay indies. they use to downplay them because pc have a ton of them, no matter how good or how much money has been put into them.

the difference is this gen consoles are getting a lot of ports. the games they use to downplay they are eating crow in every cateogory. gfx,res, fps, indie, mmo, f2p, pc exclusive suddenly good(when ported), etc. thing they use to deny and downplay now they are acting like they always loved.

the hypotcrisy

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Eonjay3149d ago

This quote is super vague but its clear that they aren't going to talk about it.

MadameBiscuit3148d ago

As far as I know though they're making the PS4 version first, then PC. So the XBO version will probably be 1-2 years down the line, that's not a nice wait at all.

lelo3148d ago

I honestly can't understand why all the fuss about this game. Graphics look good, and a procedurally generated open universe sounds interesting, but what about the rest? Have they showed gameplay? What about the story? Is there a single player story? Multiplayer? Is the game only about exploring worlds and space combat?

I'll wait for more info before I get excited about this game.

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gamerfan09093149d ago

I don't see this game being a killer app at all. It won't move consoles. I think it has a good chance to be the next limbo or Journey, though.

andibandit3149d ago

You're insane, I played Elite, back in the early 90's and privateer and what not, and i've pretty much given up hope that there would ever be a game that could beat steps "No mans Sky"....alot of older generation gamers have been waiting decades for this.

gamerfan09093149d ago

Lol you think someone is going to buy a console or build a pc for no mans skye? Lol ok.

cervantes993148d ago (Edited 3148d ago )


I would build a PC for No Man's Sky! Just like @andibandit said - older gamers have been waiting for a game like this for years.

No Man's Sky was the surprise of E3 last year and has already won game of show by many big name sites. Believe in this game!

Day One for PS4!

Edit: Of course if you have ADD or are a twitch gamer then this game probably would not interest you. This game is about exploration and molding the gameplay to what you want it to be.

MadameBiscuit3148d ago

I think a lot of that audience is more invested in Starcitizen though.

user56695103148d ago (Edited 3148d ago )

you do know elite is in beta right now? you say you love elite but dont know its a remake coming out? and there are a lot of games coming out like this on pc. maybe your on the wrong platform.

oh this is coming out on pc too, thats why they said console debut because it launch on ps4 only for consoles and pc.

Tinglebob3142d ago

Totally agree with you was nervous with anticipation when this game was first announced be waiting for a game like this ever since I played frontier elite on the Amiga but could never afford an Amiga at the time. All space games that came out after that were just crappy shooters at best you could fly from one area I. Space to another but never land on planets all seemed shallow compared to elite that I played on a much older machine. It was annoying for ages as no sign of a new elite game just rumors played some beta space games on the Mac but quite poor. Couldn't believe how great no mans sky looked when it was announced instantly became one of my most wanted games but was convinced it was PC only and might never come out on the consoles. Couldn't believe my luck when they announced it was coming to ps4 first def made the right choice when I chose to buy the ps4 thankfully.

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RandomGamer3149d ago

I own a PS4 and Xbox One . I have no interest what so ever in this game regardless of the console it appears on .

shallowpoint3149d ago

Then why did you click on the article?

RandomGamer3149d ago

Because I was interested in how this game was going to Reignite a console war .

AceBlazer133149d ago

XB1 fanboys aren't gonna miss this, they hate indies remember ?

Or did I miss 1 of their 180s?

marlinfan103149d ago (Edited 3149d ago )

I dont get why you guys continue to bundle every xbox owner together. Its like this with almost every topic. Ive seen plenty of ps4 owners say they dont care for indies, but you dont see xbox trolls bringing that up everytime a new indies announced for ps4. We all have different opinions, just because some people dont like certain things doesnt mean we all dont. I personally dont care for indies, but ive seen tons of xbox owners get excited about them when theyre talked about.

MasterCornholio3148d ago (Edited 3148d ago )

Like I always said. If you don't like fanatics making your fanbase look bad then do something about it. If I was an Xbox fan I would do everything in my power to stop posters like Trufan abs Georgeenoob from making good Xbox fans look bad. Im a playstation fan but I bubble down playstation fanatics because they make us regular fans look bad.

You should do the same.

HacSawJimThugin3148d ago

@master I'm excited for this game. I like indies. I own an XB1.

Why stop Trufan or george? They are entitled to their opinions as much as you are. Both sides have passionate fans and trolls. This the world we live in. With that being said, if this fame comes out a year later on Xbox, I will still be interested no love lost from me. There will be a ton off stuff to play while I wait. Good day sir.

MasterCornholio3148d ago (Edited 3148d ago )


Because Truefan and George troll for fun and disrupt the comment section in N4G?

One thing is to have an opinion and another is to create comments aimed at hurting people and provoking fights. I dont support those types of comments because they violate the terms of service on this site. Due to that they shouldn't be allowed to post here for breaking the rules.

Honestly I know there are passionate fans and trolls from all all sides. But a troll is a troll doesn't deserve to have tons of bubbles for starting fights and disrupting the comment section.

I respect your opinion but I disagree with it.

P.S I deserve my lost bubbles because I personally attacked Truefan and I trolled Forza fans by making fun of the developers. I learned my lesson and im trying to be more constructive with my comments.

P.S.S When did I say that all Xbox fans hate Indies? There's a minority of trolls who say that but the majority of Xbox fans dont hate them. I know a ton who had a blast with Super Time Force and are now enjoying Outlast which are both Indie games.

maniacmayhem3148d ago


You are very confused, Xbox fanboys never hated indies they just didn't make a big deal or think it was the savior of consoles until Sony fanboys jumped on the bandwagon when Sony said <3 Indies.

Remember the 360 had it's very own game channel dedicated to Indies where there are over 1000 indie titles. Xbox fanboys tried to include this as exclusives to their consoles but ironically Sony fanboys said they shouldn't count because they weren't triple A.

Now it's funny to see a lot of sony posters claim 360 fanboys never liked indies.

DigitalRaptor3148d ago (Edited 3148d ago )

Did we start jumping on the bandwagon, before or after Journey came out? Or was it Flower? Or was it Super Stardust HD? Or was it Dead Nation? all the great independent games that released on PS3 before the PS4 was even announced? The indie games on Vita that players enjoyed before the PS4 was announced?

Oh I get it, because Sony fans appreciate the unmatchable diversity that indie games provide and consider it a strength of the PS4's lineup, to you it's all about a supposed bandwagon, and that means they are lying about being interested in some of the most fun, original and creative games in this industry?

The 360 had its own channel and those games were limited to 50MB downloads, without an ounce of quality control, might I add. And where are those indie devs now? The way Sony approaches indie development, is that they foster and support talent and help them grow into something more. Those thousands of indie channel downloads, and I wonder how many passed Microsoft's quality control.

You know full well, that there was an overwhelming amount of indie hate posts on here from well-known Xbox fanboys calling 90% of them sh*t when they haven't played 90% of them. Those SAME fanboys that are now port begging indies, and cheerleading games like Inside from Playdead and Below from Capy, that are nowhere near as large or ambitious as the indies Sony is supporting and promoting going into 2015.

All Ace is doing is calling out those people who actually utterly downplayed quality indies, and are now sucking up to the ones that Microsoft considers worthy for promotion, or that they believe are going to end up on Xbox anyway.

maniacmayhem3148d ago

Thanks for somewhat proving my point Digital. You see, you sony fanboys only like indie games when they are being praised or awarded by Sony or the media. And enjoying indies on the vita? C'mon, that why more than half the comments on this site and others complain that there's nothing to play on Vita and wish it had more dedicated triple A games right? You don't truly appreciate indie games and never would have unless Sony told you too.

Not once did you ever acknowledge indie games as part of the 360 collection. Not once did you consider 360's indie games part of their game line up as you and others kept saying 360 doesn't have any exclusives and the games on that channel don't count.

It wasn't until Sony proclaimed their love for indies on PS4 (only to boost their weak launch line up) that you and others decided that indies were very important and should be counted. Then all of sudden when less triple A games were revealed for PS4 it was okay to add these PC ports to your list when comparing games to X1, because Sony told you what to like.

MS provided indies with their own channel, their own tools, an outlet that wasn't seen anywhere else on consoles. Who cares if the games were small, why does that even matter? And as for where they are now? A lot of them made a lot of money and are continuing making games for XNA or maybe went on to something bigger.

That response from the xbox fanboys was from the overwhelming amount of Sony fanboys who all of a sudden "love" indie games. All of a sudden didn't mind their PlayStation being flooded with old PC ports when not too long ago bashed the hell out of 360 for having doing the same.

And really, sucking up to the ones worthy of promotion? That's all you and sony fanboys ever do. That is my whole point of my response to Ace and you.

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