Philips Wins Patent Case Against Nintendo In UK

Philips Electronics has announced today that it has won a case against Nintendo in the United Kingdom.

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kurenaishinigami3265d ago

Nice UK. YOu allowed a troll to win about a patent that they never used.

Soplox3265d ago

And? It doesnt matter if they have never used it. Its their patent.

kurenaishinigami3265d ago

Yes its their patent yet they didn't use it even once, a patent troll is basically patents something, does not use it at all and then sues someone that unintentionally infringed their patent. What is the point of the patent that you aren't using...

Also since Philips in UK won so now it can sue Microsoft and Sony.

choujij3265d ago

Does this mean Nintendo won't be assisting with a CD-I 2?

rdgneoz33265d ago

"Also since Philips in UK won so now it can sue Microsoft and Sony."

Not sure if they can. It's for motion and gesture tracking, and the way the Nintendo does it vs Sony and MS is very different. Only way it could work was if it was some broad general patent that shouldn't have been allowed to begin with ("move your body or adevice and things happen on screen" sort of bs).

darthv723265d ago yeah. can forget about a mario hotel 2: high rise havoc.

Chrischi19883265d ago

If it is their patent, they have the right to not use it. If someone wants to use it, they at least have to give the posibility of licensing it, but some companies wont even do that.

It is their right, but at the same time, not a good thing. Think about a pharmaceutics company, that invented a cure for cancer, in a simple pill, they patent it and never use it, because the pill is not expensive and the other meds they produce make them more money in that area. Is it ok, if this cancer healing medicine will never be used, because someone decided to patent it, never use it and never licence it to anyone? Is it ok, if somebody still uses it to cure cancer, that this pharmaceutics company sues this person?

The whole patent system is a mess, I am for it, but not entirely, there should be laws, that at least prevent a company, thats holding a patent, from not even licensing it, if they do not use it themselves...

paulcek3265d ago

This is interesting...So the court ruled that Nintendo violated 2 out of the 3 patents Philips was suing for.

The first patent was filed in 2003 and then granted in 2011. Nintendo had no knowledge of the patent until 2011.

Nintendo started selling the Wii in 2006. So what should Nintendo have done? Stopped producing the Wii? Or pay Philips because they violated something that they didn't know they could violate!? Philips approached them for the licensing deal 5 years after the Wii started selling. So should Nintendo just have accepted the deal?

The other patent was filed in 2009!! 3 years after the Wii started selling. I don't know how Nintendo lost that patent though.

UltimateMaster3264d ago

People are always wondering why Sony keeps making patents off of weird shit like spit sensors.
This is the reason why; just because you never know.
They made around a dozen patents for the Move controller; one of which is the Move Machine Gun with a screen as a scope allowing you to snipe with a screen close to you.
It didn't came out to the market, but the idea is cool and theirs.

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kneon3265d ago

I expect they used it in their motion control TV remotes.

xx4xx3265d ago

Uhhh....when it comes to patent law, I'll take the UK courts for it over a commenter on the N4G boards.

It doesn't matter if they were using THEIR patent or not. It doesn't matter if they are trolls holding onto THEIR patent. The court agreed with Philips that Nintendo infringed.

LOL_WUT3265d ago

Trust me some of the top commenters on here wouldn't be questioning the ruling had Nintendo won. They just happened to get caught up using someone else's tech and now have to pay ;)

randomass1713265d ago

LOL_WUT if this was a patent for the original NES controller, you still would have automatically assumed Nintendo was guilty. You're in no place to criticize anyone's disposition when it comes to Nintendo articles regardless of this ruling.

Fel083265d ago

LOL_WUT and you would be singing a different tune if this was Philips suing SONY for the PS Move.

Menkyo3265d ago

No tard a Patent troll is someone who buys up patents that are similar to other products or using very old obscure ones for the purpose of using said patents to win money in law suits. This usually involves companies that only exist in name. Philips isn't one of those.

kurenaishinigami3265d ago

One of Philips patents that is being used against Nintendo is over nearly 20 years old and other is nearly 10 years old.

The patent infringements that Philips is suing Nintendo for are very lose, Philips could/can sue Sony for PlayStation Move, Eye Toy, PlayStation 3 and 4 camera, Microsoft for original Kinect and Kinect 2.0 and it has been already discussed around the web and entire sites such as NeoGAF agrees that Philips suit is BS.

Where was Philips when Wii was released and also I find it odd that Philips patented one patent in 2005 that partially involves Wii and Wii was in development before the Patent and so was controller.

It is like developing lets say a small container box that is also a computer that can be disassembled and assembled as one and lets say Company A is developing it and Company B finds out and guesses correctly what they are doing and they patent it then Company B sues Company A after sometime.

Also I see a lot of confirmation bias and negativity towards Nintendo from I assume are Sony fanboys and we can see that by people like LOL_Wut.

Because a company has infringed some patent does not mean that they did it intentionally or that they knew about the patent. There are over 7 billion people on Earth, of course there will be people that came up with same ideas sooner or later.

If Tesla didn't invent eletricity that we use today, someone else would have sooner or later.

Its like a CPU or GPU, imagine one person is a single core and now imagine 7 billion cores working on processing various information, sooner or later they will crack it and even come up with solution.

Our brain is biological computer, the computers we used were first mechanical and now do digital calculations and we already have a computer that does quantum computing which is somewhat similar to way we are processing in a way.

Also just because something is usual does not give an excuse or pass for Philips and I doubt you would say the same if Sony or Microsoft was sued and that LOL_Wut would have made the same comments as he did here and we all know it.

Philips is patent trolling, if they werent then they would have a product that uses those patents to at least some extent.

The way philips patent is wrote, they can sue anyone that makes remotes for TV's or other devices and anyone that makes a piece of software for tablets that interacts with other device...

Anyone of supportive of Philips in winning either dislikes Nintendo or is a troll.

Companies should not be allowed to own even their own patents that they are not using, let a alone sue another company that does it differently even thought have similar concept which still does not give an excuse for suing.

herbs3265d ago

Seriously fuck Philips and there vague patents... Philips is a company that stays afloat due to their team of lawyers and wide ranging patents that they dont even use, they do not innovate or make great products they are just strait up patent trolls. How is it even legal for a company to sit on a patent wait many years for another company to have success with somthing similar and then go after them 7+ years later after they have made a ton of money. Corporations like Philips hold back innovation and basically make the world a worse place for everyone, only if every CEO of every large corporation could be like Elon Musk...

jivah3264d ago (Edited 3264d ago )

Hope you dont have own any apple or microsoft products then.

And elon musk is not doing anything good for the sake of the industry. The patents he opened up are not important. The key patents that everybody needs is the ones having to deal with the battery. Those patents have not been released and it doesnt look like he plans to

Magicite3265d ago

I own 2 Philips electronics (TV and mp3 player) and nothing from Nintendo, so just screw Nintendo for all I care.

thehobbyist3265d ago

"Fuck that company I have no stake in nor own any of their products."
God how I wish I could make that last bubble pop.

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Neonridr3265d ago

didn't this case get dismissed in the US?

randomass1713265d ago

Yeah, I thought the same thing. What the crap?

Neonridr3265d ago

I guess the UK are more tolerant for BS then.

BattleReach3265d ago


It it's no BS. Nintendo is just using Philips tech. That's not BS, that's a fact.

Neonridr3265d ago (Edited 3265d ago )

@BattleReach - the case they won in the US was against a different company, my apologies for mixing the two up. It wasn't involving Philips.

djplonker3265d ago (Edited 3265d ago )

Uk and the usa are different countries with different laws phillips wouldnt have won the case without evidence that they did infact own the patent...

rdgneoz33265d ago

Many patent trolls own patents they've never used, or sneak in before someone else can patent something they're close on.

djplonker3265d ago (Edited 3265d ago )

Yeah they might be "patent trolling" but they own the rights what ever way you look at it!

Lol look at the comments on the article "the uk hates nintendo thats why they lost" yeah because thats how the worlds oldest legal system works SMH.

Neonridr3265d ago (Edited 3265d ago )

patent laws are pretty clear cut. If they have the patent rights and it's a clear violation in the UK, then it should be the same in the US. We aren't talking about opinions here, patents infringement is pretty standard.

-EDIT- The case I was referring to that was just a few days ago involved a different company not Philips. So it was a different patent infringement claim.

Ck1x3265d ago

Yeah I think the US has more strict rules against people filing patents but not using them for producing a tangible product.

thehobbyist3265d ago

In the US your patent expires if you don't make a product utilizing it within a certain period of time.

THC CELL3265d ago

Wow Phillips still exist lol loved the first phone I had as Phillips

LOL_WUT3265d ago

Wow that's a huge win for Phillips hopefully it's not a large sum Nintendo has to pay ;)

BattleN3265d ago

I don't know how you gained bubbles but your comments get so many disagree's haha!

Fel083265d ago

The guy is a huge SONY fanboy, and remember N4G is the home for SONY fanboys so that's probably how he has all those bubbles.

Ck1x3265d ago

I've never seen anyone so happy to see a company in bad light. LOL_Wut doesn't ever comment on positive articles and that's why he gets so many disagrees! He just comes across as that person who likes to go stare at the homeless, because it makes him feel better about himself in the end.

randomass1713265d ago

He's also very crude and condescending toward people who disagree with him. Normally I don't care to bring it up, but I am dumbfounded that he has six bubbles with all the disagrees he gets.

thehobbyist3265d ago

He made a bunch of alt-accounts that just bubble up him.

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BoneBone3265d ago

You know, you really should try being less of a tosser, you might make more friends.

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