Tempers Flare In NYC As PS3 Nears.

In recent times, New York City has rid itself of the stigma of being a grumpy city. While in office, then-mayor Rudy Giuliani "cleaned up" much of the city, and tragic events, including the World Trade Center bombings, have helped the metropolis' citizens bond.

Now it appears as though one thing may rip them apart--the PlayStation 3.

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AuburnTiger4446d ago

Thank you Lord for granting me with the virtue of Patience

Chronical4446d ago

Im sure the people walking by are saying what a bunch of lossers

OutLaw4446d ago

I live in New York and I'm telling you this is just the beginning. Wait until tonight for some midnight launches it's going to be chaotic.

PS3n3604446d ago

These people are really waiting in line to play a couple crappy launch titles. Humans are weak pathetic consumer robots.

shoota334446d ago

You are just jealous the ps3 is more popular than xbox 360.Stop hating fanboy

PS3n3604446d ago

Some of us have been playing a real console for a year with the the best games so why the hell would I be jealous. If I wanted a POS3 I would have preordered one or just bought one off ebay. Truth is I think the PS3 games suck. I dont have an opinion on the POS3 cause its just plastic and wires. I am a gamer not a consoler. For your info everyone who posts in a game forum is a fanboy including yourself so STFU and stop acting like anyone cares about your tired boring comments.

shoota334446d ago

UMM so everyone who post in a game forum is a fanboy,so that includes yourself if you are here.Think before you post moron.And yes ps3 is so garbage millions are waiting for it,its so garbage people are getting in fights for one,its so garbage people are willing to pay 10000 just to get one.Last time i checked no one bought a 360 for that much even if it is stupid. What is you purpose in he ps3 section...whats that ohh you are jealous,yeah i already knew that lol.

PS3n3604446d ago (Edited 4446d ago )

easy there little fella. I am sorry i made you shed a tear there. I will try not to hurt your little feelings to the point that you are reduced to personal insults. I never said I wasnt a fanboy because as I stated everyone who posts in a game forum is a fanboy that includes you and it includes me and everyone else on these forums. Since when is being a fanboy an insult anyway? We all feel passionate about gaming in general and use this as an outlet to the world becuase if any of us said this crap in real life to real peoples face they would laugh directly in ours. Forums typically degrade to this petty argueing and thats what makes it fun and keeps us coming back. Next time keep the bashing to the hardware and leave peoples intellectual status out of it. I dont care if you think I am a moron thats your opinion and your entitled to it even if your wrong. Later fanboy.

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